“Doctor Who: Time Crash” special mini-episode.

Last Hussar linked to this in another thread and I thought it was cool enough I wanted to share it here. It’s a small 8 minute Doctor Who special filmed for the Children In Need Special telethon they hold every year and it features the Tenth Doctor running into the Fifth Doctor right between the end of last season and the upcoming Christmas special:

I thought it was particularly cool that David gets a chance to acknowledge to Peter that he used to watch him growing up.

3 thoughts on ““Doctor Who: Time Crash” special mini-episode.

  1. Maybe i’m in the minority here, but i’d actually like to see previous Doctor incarnations in the show.  Particularly, the 8th Doctor, springs to mind as being rife with being in the show.  However, I did enjoy Peter Davison’s preformance, and it was nice to see.

    The Christmas Episode (with Kylie Minogue)will be debuting on the 12th, so I hope you enjoy that as well.

  2. I know Russell T Davies really needs to step aside to “save” Doctor Who: the Stephen Moffat episodes are much better then the RTD ones IMHO.

    Russell appears to be keep trying to kill off all the bad-guys in a “final way” – Daleks, Cyberman and The Master, but bringing back ones in a strange way: the new series is rumoured to have an episode called “The Planet of the Ood” (remember, the Ood are quite basic creatures and the ‘Satan Mind Ray’ can’t reach that far and ‘Satan’ has been destroyed anyway) and bringing back Rose (who was stuck in an alternative universe).

    I’m kinda glad they are bringing back the Soltarans, but I just hope they bring them back and just “leave them” in the background – and not totally kill them off for the season finale. And the lease said about the “season long story arcs” and “big finales” the better…

    I long for the old format of Doctor Who – several (usually 4 to 8) episodes 30 minutes apiece where you could get a good story in and proper cliff hangers… I’ve actually just been reading some Doctor Who official fiction books and if they could make some of those into TV – it’ll be perfect!

  3. Well we have now had two full years of the Moff in charge-has he done any better than RTD? Aside from all that I would like to compliment them both for doing a sterling job in getting Petter Davison to come back and reprise his popular role as the Fifth Doctor. Here’s hoping we get more of this for the Golden anniversary in 2013!

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