Dell and Blizzard form an Alliance.

Looks like the folks at Dell have partnered with the wizards at Blizzard to come up with the ultimate World of Warcraft branded gaming laptop to be announced soon. In addition to being able to choose between an Alliance or Horde themed XPS Gaming laptop word has it that it’ll come with a membership to the WoW Beta Club and something else so super-secret that my sources inside Blizzard couldn’t tell me what it was, but it’s so cool that my source says they’re thinking of buying one of the laptops themselves and they don’t get a discount on them!

If you want in on the official announcement on December 4th you can sign up here to be emailed once it’s unveiled. I have to admit that I’m sorely tempted to check in on financing one of these puppies once they become available. The standard Dell XPS Gaming laptops start around $1,999 so it wouldn’t be cheap, but the WoW addiction is strong.

6 thoughts on “Dell and Blizzard form an Alliance.

  1. big surprise AHHHHH World of Warcrack GAMING LAP TOP!
    angry WARNING Unwise financial decision.
    grrr Mmmmmmmuuuussstttt not give into temptation.
    mad NO! NO! NO! 
    ohh w w w w will power failing
    shut eye cracking under pressure
    shock addiction overload

    snake Ahahahahahahaaha!

  2. Shit for $2000 that laptop needs to do a little more. But then again I’m not addicted to WOW. Actually right now I have no addictions to anything. I guess that comes naturally from having to save for a wedding. I would rather loose my balls after marriage then buy something now and loose them beforehand.

  3. On a more serious note:

    It’s driving me crazy, but a highly impractical purchase for us to make at this time. Sigh, I want once.  I want the nifty cool WOW super secret surprise bonus.  However, at $2000+, it sort of pushes it out of our range of possibilities.  tongue wink

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