Amazon offers one of the three current consoles on the cheap!

It’s that time of year again and Amazon is once more offering their Amazon Customers Vote offer where they offer up amazing deals on items that garner the most votes. Of interest to gamers everyone is the possibility of getting one of the three next gen consoles at ridiculously cheap prices. How cheap? Well how about a shiny new Nintendo Wii for $79? Or perhaps an Xbox 360 Arcade for $99? Better still score a 40GB PS3 for only $139!

But only the one that gets the most votes will be offered at the special price and only 1,000 units will be made available. So go vote for the one you’d most like to buy and then be prepared to click quickly should it win.

By the way, as of this writing the Nintendo Wii is leading the pack with 55% of the vote, the PS3 is second with 31% and the Xbox 360 is taking up the rear with 14%.

12 thoughts on “Amazon offers one of the three current consoles on the cheap!

  1. I have to admit that I found it surprising that the Nintendo Wii was the top vote getter considering it’s already a damn cheap system to buy.

  2. The Wii is currently the best selling console available. If you add in hand held gaming platforms then the Wii comes in second place to the Nintendo DS. Trying to find a Wii in stores is still a problem almost a year after its release as it continually sells out within a matter of hours at times.

    A large part of it’s success is the fact that it’s pretty cheap compared to all the other consoles and Nintendo is cranking out 1.8 million Wiis a month and still not able to meet demand. In fact Sony’s hoping that continued Wii shortages into the holidays combined with the new cheaper PS3 will help to push the PS3 sales numbers up a bit.

  3. I would vote but being a UK resident I don’t get to benefit from any deals since they won’t ship here (I only checked the Wii, to be fair). Sucks.

    Although I realise the Wii is popular, and understand the reason why (I’m buying one myself) I was going to vote for the PS3 because the Wii is already pretty damn cheap anyway.

    Some people are really stupid. Not only is voting for the PS3 a better choice if you actually want one, it’s a better choice if you actually want a Wii. If it wins the vote it’ll be so cheap that those 1,000 will be gone in a heartbeat, which will only lessen availability further.

    If you want a Wii, vote for the PS3 so that the Wii falls into second place. It’ll still be discounted but not so heavily and you’ll have less of a hard time finding one in stock. Simple.

  4. At my fire house we have all three systems. We have to supply them ourselves, of course. But I can say, with out a doubt. The Wii is certainly the most fun of the three. Sure, it can not compare to the graphics of the other two, but its the most fun, and that is what counts. We have such a blast playing it.

    I desparatly want to buy a Wii also, but as Les has pointed out, you just can’t get them unless you wait in lines before the stores open.

  5. I just re-read the contest rules, and it appears when you come back to buy one, it’s to see if you have been randomly selected. In other words, it’s not first come first serve.

  6. Yeah, I suppose it makes more sense in that case, the Wii does look to be the most fun of the three systems, and would be an incredible buy at just $79.

  7. Up until recently I would have said buy a Wii if you only plan on playing games when friends are around, because that has been where the Wii really shines. Now that I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy I’m like some kind of Star collecting single player junkie.  I don’t know what the future release’s look like for the Wii, but between Mario Galaxy and Metroid you’ve got some great single player games play in addition to some great party games.

    BTW: I voted for the PS3 strictly from a greedy financial standpoint. (It saves me the most money and I can’t even buy a Blue-Ray player for that price.  Not that I’m ready to jump on to the dual format High-Def bandwagon quite yet, but I really want to play Ratchet and Clank and am unwilling to pony up $460 for a single system that only has one (IMHO) must play game at this point.

    On a side note, I live up in Juneau, Alaska and the Costco in my area has had a glut of Wii systems in the past year they were only out right around the release date, since then they have had them in stock every time I’ve gone by the store.  One of the workers said he thought it was some kind of mistake since they get a huge number of them each shipment and they just keep stacking up (Juneau is a small town <35k).  I have a few friends who are coming back to Juneau for Thanksgiving and I’ve already bought 3 Wii’s to make sure my friends are able to get them before the national post-Thanksgiving shopping splurge possibly clears them out.

  8. If Assassin’s Creed had been exclusive to the PS3 then I’d have said that was a must play game but you can get it on XBox 360 which is a fraction of the price. Don’t actually own a 360, largely as I’m unwilling to invest in either 360 or PS3 until we see more games come out on the PS3.

  9. With a rapid succession of amazing games since I bought my 360 three months ago,I give my whole hearted recommendation for one of these.
    With Live the multiplayer is bloody awesome.Cant get enough COD4 and TF2 wink

  10. Well after all is said and done, the only product I got offered was the one I was bitching about saying, “You know what’s going to happen? I am going to get offered the fucking scooter! Just because I’m that lucky!”

    Sure enough I got offered the fucking scooter downer . Which turned out to be not that bad of a thing because it will make a great Christmas gift for someone in the family.

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