Zero Punctuation reviews “Half Life 2: The Orange Box”

One of the other titles I’ve been looking forward to is the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in part because of that game, but also because of the inclusion of the new Team Fortress 2 as well as the intriguing game called Portal. I’m only slightly annoyed that Valve decided to slap both the original Half Life 2 and Episode One into the same release so they could justify charging $49.95 for the whole thing, but at least they’re letting those of us who already own those games to give the extra copies away to someone else so as to help spread the infection.

Anyway, Zero Punctuation of The Escapist has just done another one of his fast and hilarious reviews of The Orange Box and I just had to share it with you here:

Now to start saving up my pennies again…

2 thoughts on “Zero Punctuation reviews “Half Life 2: The Orange Box”

  1. I had no problem with Valve bundling Half Life 2 and Episode one in, mainly because I never bought the original Half Life 2. At the time I didn’t quite like HL2’s dependence on Steam, but now I’ve come to grudgingly accept it. Thus the Orange Box was difficult for me to resist because it’s great value for money. And to be brutally honest, my main motivations behind getting the Orange Box were Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

  2. Despite Steam’s early problems, I have come to like it quite a bit.  I have given my account info to some of my friends and they have used it to download Half-Life 2 and Portal to take them for a ‘test drive’ before buying it themselves. 

    Even though I have the Orange Box for the PC, I made the switch over to Mac and bought the PS3 version of the Orange Box so I wouldn’t go through withdrawal.  It is hands-down my favorite PS3 game as it has the complete HL2 series, Portal (which is just awesome) and Team Fortress 2 (which interests me, but I have yet to play it online). 

    Les, have you picked up the PS3 version yet?  If not, I recommend renting it over a weekend just to experience Portal.  I especially like playing it through a 2nd time and listening to the game developer’s in-game commentary.  The level design and the game’s evolution (both Portal and Half-Life 2’s Episodes) is quite interesting and hearing GLaDOS and Alex Vance’s voice actors describing their characters is fun to hear.

    I wish Valve and Bioshock were as Mac-friendly as Blizzard is, but having a PS3 has cured most of my gaming cravings since I’ve switched to Mac.  Of course, Apple’s insistence on using 2 year old video card technology wouldn’t help any even if the latest games were available on the Mac.

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