Vampire mirror prank.

I have no idea what these folks are saying, but they certainly seem somewhat taken aback by the mirror that seems rather selective about who it’ll reflect…

5 thoughts on “Vampire mirror prank.

  1. From a German show. Figures.


    I have no idea what these folks are saying

    The twin is doing small talk to have the marks look into the mirror. Then lots of “Can you see me?”, “I can’t see me.”, and so on.

  2. Allen Funt lives!

    The woman who tried taking her glasses off to see if it made any difference seemed a bit disturbed- she said “I’m invisible” and “I think I’m from another star”.  I hope there’s psychologische Unterst├╝tzung for her afterwards…

    Although the illusion was very well done, and the twins did an amazing job of staying in synch, I’m surprised no one figured out the trick.  After all, even though nobody expects a doubled bathroom with a window and a twin acting like a reflection, how else could it be explained rationally?

  3. Yes, the people are rather set back – “I’m invisible”, “am I a vampire or what?”, “I don’t believe this, am I coming from another star or what?”, that kind of thing smile the twins start conversation by asking for the time.

    The woman with the glasses is really funny smile – the twins ask her to take the glasses off, telling her they can’t see her when she’s got them off but can when she has them on, funny little game smile

  4. Even though I couldn’t understand the language the actions is all you need in those type of pranks. I agree that the last woman looked freaked out! I believe if they hadn’t have let her in on the prank she may have ran off and staked herself.

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