ThinkGeek has a remote control K9!

I’m in Doctor Who geek heaven right now. The folks at ThinkGeek are selling a r/c model of K9:

Doctor Who is many things to many people, but one thing he is to everyone who knows him is a dog lover. He just loves his K9’s, and he knows that a happy workplace is one with a dog (cyber or otherwise). And we whole-heartedly agree. That’s why at ThinkGeek we try to have at least two real dogs in the office and now an R/C K9. But unlike the real dogs, our R/C K9 is always willing to do our bidding.

Each quarter-scale K9 is full of lush, accurate details. From the light up eye unit and back panel to the extendable nose blaster, this R/C K9 was made to be the next best thing to owning a real K9 unit. And just like the real thing, the R/C K9 is not a quiet robot; the only difference is that you are complete control of his 7 audible phrases. Heck, even K9’s satellite-dish ears wiggle when he moves. This is more than just a great toy, this is a life companion – ready to serve you. “Affirmative, Master.”

And it’s even reasonably priced to boot!

1 thought on “ThinkGeek has a remote control K9!

  1. It’s cute and you don’t have to clean up after it, or feed it. So nice dog bot.

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