The Simpsons are Branching out

So is this for real? Has anyone else seen or heard anything on this, The Simpsons Game, Neverquest.

If so it looks pretty cool. I know nothing about Neverquest, but it looks kinda like WOW. Anyways, I thought some people here might be interested.

Just found this: Medal of Homer
I think both of these are just part of one game called The Simpsons Game. But I’m still not sure, if anyone has more information please let me know.

6 thoughts on “The Simpsons are Branching out

  1. They’re trying to extend the brand – it’s getting pretty old now, and I’d expect the novelty will be the only thing that really sells it, because it doesn’t look like the top of the genre of warfare games for a non-simpsons fan

  2. Haven’t seen anything about it before now, but it sounds/looks like it might be a sub-game for another crappy Simpson’s console.  It certainly is based off the episode where Marge got sucked into an Everquest/WOW type game (the South Park episode featuring WOW was much, much better).

    Edit: – Looks like it’s a game made to capitalize on the release of the Simpons movie on DVD….mmmm….cross-platform marketing….aaaauuuggh….

  3. That looks like the pictures from a episode of the simpsons where bart and marge get into online gaming. 

    but who knows.

    Simpsons taxi games are fun


    For all you would want to know thru watching the game.  *chuckles*  But yes, it’s all one game designed to spoof other games.  Funny enough, the DS version is based on them not wanting to be in another crappy Simpsons game.  Personally I think it’s looking good and should be some fun.  Lots of show references and shots at some of the games out there.

  5. Yes, this and Medal of Homer are both just segments of The Simpsons Game. There’s also a segment called “Grand Theft Scratchy” and a Japanese Anime/Superhero spoof which you can find a video of over at GameTrailers.

    The DS version will come with a pet Homer in the vein of Nintendogs, apparently.

  6. I’m playing the demo they just released for the PS3 on the PS Network this weekend. It’s an “episode” (one of 18 in the upcoming game) where Bart and Homer take on a giant donut-boy statue. Bart can turn into Bartman, Homer inflates into a giant ball. He also has super “burp” attacks.

    After playing the demo, I might actually buy this game. The little one liners are hilarious, all the voice-overs are done by cast members from the show I think. The graphics are nice. You basically get to play the Simpsons in cel-shaded 3D, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

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