Team Fortress 2: Meet the Demoman.

They just get better and better:


4 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2: Meet the Demoman.

  1. Yeah, it looks like a lot of fun, I’ll probably pick up Orange Box after October as my work schedule right now is killer.  I played so much of the Team Fortress Classic that came with Half-Life that I’ve been trying to pretend this game doesn’t exist yet… at least until I actually have the time to sit down and really geek out on it… hmm the beginning of November and the end of my “big” project at work can’t come soon enough now.

  2. I downloaded it yesterday and played for a few hours.  Fun game so far.  Maybe a few balance issues with the engineers and spies, but overall a good game.  It still doesn’t compare to Soldier of Fortune 2, but what does?  cheese
    – Matt K

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