Stupid hang ups you have for no good reason.

I’ve been taking my laptop to work with me the past two days with the idea that if I had any downtime at work I’d find a free wireless hot spot and use the laptop to do a little blogging. Lots of places offer free wireless these days so it shouldn’t be too hard to find, but I have a minor problem. My laptop is an old Dell Latitude L400 and the battery for it lasts maybe 20 minutes so I need a location that also offers a place to plug in my power cord. For reasons I’m not entirely clear on this strikes me as being very presumptuous on my part or, at the least, a rude expectation. It’s one thing to expect to be able to use wireless for free, but now I’m looking for someplace that wouldn’t mind me adding to their electrical bill as well and it’s proving to be a major hangup for me and I’ve not actually used my laptop the last two days that I’ve taken it.

My thought is that the library across the street from the complex I’m working in would probably be the most receptive to letting me setup shop, but I’m still fretting over the need to plugin in that stupid laptop. I realize that there’s probably a whole generation of people who are so used to using their wireless devices wherever they feel like it that they don’t have such a hangup, but I can’t seem to get around it myself. It was then that I realized I’ve got a lot of stupid little hangups like that.

Take stripper bars for example. The whole point of going to a stripper joint is to stare at naked women, but I was brought up that it was rude to stare so I always have a hard time when I’m at the titty bar because I feel like I shouldn’t be staring at the girls even though that’s what they’re expecting me to do. So I sit there and give out the occasional dollar without actually looking at the girls for any length of time because, well, it’s rude. They think I’m hilarious as a result. Needless to say I don’t tend to go to strip clubs that often.

What about you guys? Got any silly hangups you can’t overcome?

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  1. Starbucks and Panera Bread often have a couple tables by outlets that I have often seen other people using. Don’t know what is near where you work, but worth checking out the places.

  2. I often correct minor gaffes made by my friends and family when they quote movies or try to draw analogies between things. I have this need for things to be perfectly correct when it comes to comparisons or things I consider important (even though they really aren’t that important).

  3. My only hangup is that when attractive women throw themselves at me, I can’t bring myself to take them up on it.  Otherwise I’m perfect.

  4. The question isn’t why are you admitting going to strip clubs on a blog read by you mother and your wife, but rather “Why are you going to strip clubs” as you are obviously not enjoying the experience.

    Me, I line things up, ,making sure things are perpendicular and with in lines on the desk.

  5. You say this as though my wife and mother aren’t aware that I’ve visited a strip club on occasion. My wife has absolutely no problems with me visiting a strip club as she ends up getting extra attention once I get home.

    And, as I said, I generally don’t frequent strip clubs because I have a hard time overcoming my hangup that it’s rude to stare even when people expect you to. I have a friend who used to frequent them often, however, so I inevitably would end up at one every now and then. There’s also the handful of guys I’ve known who got married and had a traditional bachelor party at a strip club.

  6. One of my most irritating hangups is that i don’t like to waste food, my mum was raised not to waste food and it seems to have passed down to me, i don’t even like seeing other people throw out food.

    As for using power points that aren’t your own, it does seem rude but you could always ask, used to plug mine in at a dive bar while i was at uni

    flat beer and little britain made up the majority of my university life

  7. Somebody dragged me to a Hooter’s once. I was uncomfortable there for the exact reason you mention, then resent paying high prices for bad food.  So visiting a strip bar probably isn’t in my future.

    New aftermarket battery for your L400 is $25 on eBay.

  8. But, but, but I never accused anyone of being a prude.  I specifically said that it isn’t the question :LOL:

    Actually I guessed it was you were being dragged along.

    resent paying high prices

    which is why I don’t go. I have seen the occasional ‘exotic dancer’ but I don’t understand the point of going just to get yourself all hot and bothered and unable to ‘scratch the itch’.  I understand some clubs patrol the Gents, and throw offenders out (alone, if you will).

  9. Why pay only to look? You can look on the internet all you want and they’re not going to do anything back, they don’t even know (so I keep pics of friends on facebook) – you can do more off the internet with the same money as would be needed to go to a stipclub, for those single, and not (necessarily) have to eat anything…

    Here‘s a good review site of other services to consider (UK only)

    BTW my stupid, illogical hangup is excessive nervousness around wymen I like

  10. Somebody dragged me to a Hooter’s once. I was uncomfortable there for the exact reason you mention, then resent paying high prices for bad food.  So visiting a strip bar probably isn’t in my future.

    What DOF said.

  11. Somebody’s wide open wireless is spilling over into the covered pavillion with power outlets at the community center just to the northwest of where you work.  Nobody ever bothers me there.

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