It’s official: I’m now a PS3 owner.

Thanks to a small financial windfall and the fact that I saved up my birthday money, I’m now the proud owner of a Playstation 3. I bought the 60GB model in part because it’s the cheapest one available at this point in time and in part because it has hardware backwards compatibility and the additional USB and flash card ports. Ironically, I don’t actually have any PS3 games to play on it yet, but that’s OK as there’s some demos available on the Playstation Store that I can tide myself over with and I still have a handful of PS2 titles to work on.

I spent about an hour and a half playing around with it this evening getting it set up and connected to my wireless home network and I’m definitely liking it. The ability to pop in the Compact Flash card from our digital camera and copy over pictures to the PS3 hard drive was kind of neat and the slide show playback of said pics is very cool and could be a fun thing to have running in the background at birthday parties or open house events such as the one we’ll be having for Courtney next year when she graduates. The ability to rip CDs to the PS3 for playback is also pretty cool, though considering I currently have it hooked up to the 15” non-HDTV TV in our bedroom at the moment, the speakers of which can be best described as functional, we probably won’t be using it as a very large iPod anytime soon. DVD playback is amazingly clear, but it’ll be interesting to see how well Blue Ray looks on a non-HDTV set as we get five free BR movies for buying the PS3.

So this was a belated birthday present for me and yes, before you even ask, I did consider the idea of saving up the money for a new laptop instead, but I wanted to be sure I got a 60GB model before they’re all gone and I wasn’t sure when I’d have another opportunity. It’ll probably be awhile before I’ll get my first game for it and even longer still before I get around to purchasing an HDTV monitor to play it on, but I’m a happy camper none the less.

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  1. Good call for the 60gb model, of the PS3.  Of the 3 to 4 models of the PS3, the 60gb one is the best.  To be fair though, I own a 360, and it has a generally better game library (minus the backward compatibility issue, but the 360 is still worth it),  i’m curious to know what games you plan on getting for the system (or what interests you, with regards to the games you’ll eventually buy).  But, I hope you have some fun.

  2. My girlfriend was nice enough to get me a PS3 about a month ago.  It’s pretty nice, though I’ve read the power consumption is harsh, don’t plan on using it just for playing a DVD anymore.

    I’d recommend looking for used copies of games from like a Gamestop or some type of store like that.  That’s what we did and got several games for half of their retail price nice.  Even some of the new prices are much lower than in stores like Walmart or something like that.

  3. PSN ID = HastyP.

    I’ve had luck at Blockbuster with used PS3 games.

    Might I recommend Warhawk and Everyday Shooter off the PSN? ES is all-consuming.

  4. Marc, you can take a look at my Wish List to see what I’m hoping to add to my collection before too long. There’s a number of titles due out by Christmas I’m looking forward to.

    Elwed, you’d be surprised at how easy Sony makes installing Linux as well. There’s actually an option on the XMB labeled Install Other OS.

    Chief, I’m definitely looking at used games at the moment though Best Buy appears to have a number of titles that are marked down in price already as well. I’ve had good luck with used games in the past and the higher prices for PS3 games will make that an even easier decision.

    Rgip, my PSN ID is SEB_Dude. It took me an hour of trying different handles before I found one that would work. Of course they don’t tell you that the system doesn’t like spaces in the ID, but I eventually figured it out. Even then most of the gaming handles I normally use were either unavailable or unacceptable for some reason.

    I’ll take a look at Everyday Shooter and I’m definitely interested in Warhawk seeing as I still own the original PS1 game. I’m currently connecting to my home network using the wireless capability and haven’t had a chance to see just how stable that will be, but it’ll have to do for the moment either way.

  5. Oh, one thing I am definitely happy about is the PS3’s ability to use a standard USB keyboard and mouse. Might get me to play a few FPSs on the system now.

  6. Does the USB mouse and keyboard actually work with FPSs on the PS3?  I’ve not bothered trying to hook up those kinds of things since I assumed that would mostly be for internet browsing and entering text as needed.  It would be nice to use it for Call of Duty 3 though, there’s so much going on in that game at all times that its overwhelming with only a standard controller.

  7. It depends on if the developers put in the code to use a keyboard and mouse. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work as the PS3 will recognize and use keyboards and mice if you hook them up, but if the game isn’t programmed to use them then the answer is no.

    In the case of CoD3 the answer is no.

  8. My belated birthday present was a flat screen LCD TV for my PS3 and once you get one you’ll see that the difference is amazing.

    I’ve still not tried any blue-ray dvd’s but I’m looking forward to it.

  9. Well the best buy I have made to date in PS3 games is super rub-a-dub, download it for under 5 dollars, and enjoy 6 axis fun, playable by anyone over 3 (although my 2 year old keeps trying, she just doesn’t understand that there is a goal to it other then making the big duckie jump).

    Other then that; 6 dollar rentals are much better ways to enjoy heavenly sword etc, I know I can’t afford $55-70 per game for games that I’ll only play once or twice and that only last 10-12 hours ( yes I know reviewers say 6, unlike game reviewers I haven’t dedicated my life to video games)

    welcome to the fold, the fold still waiting for that must have game.

  10. Gingerbeard does have a good point.  If you’ve got a weekend to dedicate to Heavenly Sword you could likely finish it before you have to return it to the store.  Then if you liked it enough to own it, you invest a little more down the line when the game runs 20-30 dollars.

    I do like that you can easily download demos.  It’s already saved me a bit as I was thinking about getting AFL 2K8 but found out I really didn’t like the game enough to invest in it any time soon.

  11. Sorry for the double post but I was wondering if anybody knew how (or if it’s even possible) to transfer a Playstation Network account?  I signed up for everything and created my handle accidently on my girlfriend’s PS3 login.  Now I can’t seem to transfer it over to my login.  It’s not necessarily that big of a deal just sort of annoying that I can’t even login to the Playstation store unless I’m logged into the PS3 as her.

  12. chief what happens when you try to sign into PSN with a new account of your own? It just won’t let you sign in?

  13. GB, there’s a couple of titles I’ll probably end up renting. As for must-have titles, they’re coming soon enough that the purchase is well time for me.

    Chief, I’ve no idea but I’ve only played around with the PSN a little bit.

    Incidentally, you can browse SEB on your PS3, but it looks like crap. grin

  14. rgip, I could create a whole new account of my own it’s just that I used my normal username for the other account and it annoys me to think I have to create a whole other one just because I’m on a different PS3 login.

    Les, SEB was actually one of the first sites I went to on my PS3.  It actually worked out that one of the videos was just about the size of my tv. Pretty much anything on the PS3 looks like crap as you have to scroll horizontally on any site and even then it’s hard to read things.

  15. Thanks to a small financial windfall and the fact that I saved up my birthday money, I’m now the proud owner of a Playstation 3.

    Let us recognize that the wife has been saving (putting aside a little) money per paycheck since August to add to the birthday money for SEB’s PS3 fund. Taking all this into consideration we can still equate:

    Small Financial windfall = all the mileage reimbursement (from the time SEB began his current “new” job to now) from work coming through on the last paycheck.

    The mileage coming through quickened the process by about 2 pay periods:-). SEB was, unknowingly, very close to getting his PS3. (LOL)

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