Gonna try some video blogging in the near future.

As a belated birthday present my wife just let me buy myself a RCA EZ201 Small Wonder Camcorder which I’ve been lusting after for awhile now. It’s a flash based camcorder that records either 30 minutes of video (at “high” resolution) or 60 minutes (at “low” resolution) to an internal video card and then allows you to upload it to your computer using a built in USB plug. It seems like the perfect little thing for doing video blogs with and I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a few of those just to see how you guys receive them. In particular I think they’d be great for some of the reviews I’ve been meaning to write.

I went with this over the Flip Ultra’s that have been getting positive reviews lately for two reasons: 1) The RAM can be expanded using SD Cards to allow for up to 5 hours of recording and 2) it has an LCD screen you can flip out and rotate so you can easily record yourself that’s similar to the one on my digital camera. Not that I plan on doing 5 hour video blogs, but expandability is always a plus in my book. As an added bonus the RCA is a bit cheaper than the Flip Ultra.

So you can look forward to my ugly mug in a few video blogs to come once it arrives in a week or so. It should be fun to mess around with if nothing else.

4 thoughts on “Gonna try some video blogging in the near future.

  1. Oddly enough I do have one mainly because there were a few videos I wanted to see that had been tagged as ‘adult’ for some reason, but I’ve not actually uploaded anything myself as of yet.

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