Couple of interesting developments in Tech today…

It appears that Gateway computers has been bought by Acer making the latter the new Number 3 PC maker behind HP and Dell. Acer’s been around for years pumping out various PCs from Taiwan and it’s done moderately well in the U.S.. Well, apparently well enough to gobble up Gateway which has been delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

The other interesting bit of news is word that Best Buy is dropping analog TVs from their shelves. From now on they’ll be selling Digital sets only. It was pretty much a given that analog TVs would start drying up as the prices on digital sets come down so it was only really a question of when it would happen and who’d be the first. Now we know.

1 thought on “Couple of interesting developments in Tech today…

  1. I’m not surprised BB is dropping analog sets. It won’t be long until over-the-air analog broadcasts are put to an end.

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