Correction: I will NOT be doing some video blogging soon.

Got an email from that the release date on the RCA EZ 201 flash RAM based video cam I had ordered had been pushed back until sometime in November, which is weird as Amazon lists three different affiliated shops selling the camera that all claim to have it in stock. Given that I just destroyed my laptop I opted to cancel the order for now and just slap it on my Wish List. Once we get that close to Christmas I tend to stop buying myself things because people are gift shopping around that time. If I don’t get it for Christmas then I’ll plan on picking it up sometime after then.

My thought was I’d use the money I was saving from my birthday along with what I would’ve spent on the video camera to replace my laptop, but it doesn’t quite add up to the amount I’d need to pick something up from Best Buy and I have to use Best Buy because some of my b’day money is in the form of BB gift cards. The cheapest basic laptop BB has at the moment is the Acer Aspire 520 which is around $550 at the moment and it only comes with about half as much RAM as you should really have to run Vista.

So it looks like I’m just saving money instead of doing anything at all. Anyway, just wanted to post an update on the whole video blogging thing. Ain’t gonna happen yet.

4 thoughts on “Correction: I will NOT be doing some video blogging soon.

  1. I plan to pick it up one way or the other eventually. If I can land one of the three job offers that I’ve come across recently I should be in better financial shape soon.

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