Added random Halloween headers to SEB.

Title pretty much says it all. I’ve updated the template code so the picture on the left changes randomly with each page load. I am using a small bit of PHP to do it so if you notice the site acting wonky then be sure to let me know. This just seemed like a better way to enjoy the different pics rather than trying to change them on some sort of regular basis. Besides there’s four weeks in the month and six pictures.

Also noticed that the SEB Reviews blog has been getting spammed by those idiots who just put in random nonsense so I’ve re-enabled the Akismet anti-spam module once again to try and discourage them. I had it turned off for awhile to help speed up comment processing, but it looks like I’ll need to leave it on again. I’ve not re-enabled the Bad Behavior module yet, but may if it continues.

Speaking of SEB Reviews, I’m working on updating it in preparation of making more use of it in the near future and tying it back in to be included on the main SEB page. Just a heads up.

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