Zero Punctuation reviews “Bioshock”.

Maledicta sends along this lesser OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!! review of Bioshock by Zero Punctuation from The Escapist.

That helps me feel a little better about not being able to play it. Think I’ll pull System Shock 2 out and see what the status of the fan project to upgrade it’s graphics is at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Zero Punctuation reviews “Bioshock”.

  1. It might have just aged really well in my memory, but I seem to remember being far more impressed with System Shock 2 on my PC initially then I was with Bioshock on the 360. 

    Still, both are very enjoyable games Bioshock is a really solid game with great atmosphere and blah, blah, blah you got the point and have probably heard all that before.  My main gripe with the game (that I still thoroughly enjoyed) is that the variety of enemies is pretty minimal, and once you figure out a few tricks using tripwires and rage mode it’s almost always a non fight after that.

    Toward the last quarter of the game I was starting to get a little bored so i started creating giant Rube Goldberg style chain reactions and then try to lure something in to start the deadly chain reaction I had spent 20 minutes building up.

  2. Damn that was brilliant ^^!

    I played the demo and I must say I liked it. Dunno what to think of that supernatural powers you get though. I found them kinda annoying.

    And I’m definitely not gonna buy this game, purely cos of the DRM security they put on it. If anyone happens to crack it, I’d download it though, as a form of protest smile.

    A must have game for me will be World In Conflict. I’d recommend that to anyone who likes rts. The beta and demo were simply awesome.

  3. Do they actually explain why you’re seeing ghosts in bioshock?

    im only part way through it and i dont remember any explanation

    but as for the review itself, it is fantastic

  4. That was frickin’ hilarious. Thanks for that, Les!

    Sweeny, I heard rumours that the *demo* includes parts of the the hidden DRM shit as well…

  5. Sweeny, I heard rumours that the *demo* includes parts of the the hidden DRM shit as well…

    Really? Now why would they do that? It’s free downloadable.

  6. As someone who installed the demo and then had to clean out the DRM I can attest that the demo does, indeed, install the DRM. The reasoning is that if they don’t protect the demo then hackers can examine it for clues on how to crack the retail release.

  7. I just got done installing and playing System Shock 2. The mod community is still alive and I suggest using the mod manager and some of the graphic update patches. check out these places:

    The installation is pretty painless on my windows 2000 machine. You have to make it install by running the setup file with the force switch (-lgntforce) and then you have to edit one of the config files (SSHOCK2.CFG) and add a line (safe_texture_manager) to keep it from crashing. I hear it is a bit more difficult if you have a dual core processor or multithreading (not having either I didn’t have to do anything more than this.)

    Anyway, you’re a smart guy, you should be able to figure it out, just check the boards and if you have any troubles send me an e-mail and I will help out where I can.


  8. Actually, to add to my previous post, it is already possible to run the game without DRM. I won’t go into detail here, because it involves piracy, but if you google a little using the right words, you’ll find out. And although i’ve become a little bit more sensitive to piracy lately, I don’t give a damn about 2K Games.

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