Yeah, I’ve been shooting my mouth off a lot lately.

I must be posting a lot more than usual as I’ve gotten at least three or four emails from folks saying, “Holy shit, dude!” The truth is that work has been sloooooow lately and I’ve had access to a terminal. This is partially due to the fact that the new PCs The Automotive Company™ has been deploying are a model that is being phased out and they’re not making them anymore. The company has been finalizing what the next model they’re going to deploy will be, but they’ve not actually finalized it yet. As a result so far this week we’ve had a whopping one person to deploy a new machine to and he’ll be it until at least October at the earliest. For the last two days I’ve literally sat on my butt for 8 hours looking for something to keep me awake. Hence a bumper crop of blogging.

Word has it they may pull the three of us back to the location I first started at to run tickets (a mind-numbing exercise I’ve talked about previously) which would be preferable to being laid off due to lack of work, but no word yet on if or when that’ll happen. If it does happen then blogging will obviously slow down quite a bit as I’ll actually be working. Maybe it’s a sign of my maturity, but not having anything to do actually bugs me cause it makes the day just drag on and there’s so many other things I could be doing with my time. I’m still putting out resumes anyway as I need a better paying job, but if I weren’t this sitting on my ass all day would certainly inspire me to do so.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ve been shooting my mouth off a lot lately.

  1. Nah, you’ve got it all wrong Les.  You haven’t been shooting your mouth off a lot lately.  It’s just the number of stupid people getting their message out is growing. smile

  2. Maybe it’s a sign of my maturity

    I don’t see how, it evidences itself in how you deal with things, not what you do or what you enjoy.

    If you enjoy something, well hell, might as well, no reason why to try not to enjoy something

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