Welcome to fall, a day late.

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox marking the traditional start of Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere. Normally I post a small announcement such as this, but I didn’t get around to it yesterday and I needed something to write about as I’ve not posted in a couple of days so I decided to do it today.

Around these parts the leaves have definitely started to turn colors with some trees already fully ablaze though most are just starting to show the signs of autumn. The daily temps have started swinging wildly back and forth with yesterday being particularly cool and today being unseasonably hot, but it won’t be too much longer before jackets will be standard attire. We’re planning our annual trip to a local cider mill in the coming weeks and I may see about trying to come up with some sort of lawn decoration for Halloween. Speaking of which, this will be the first year with the new layout so I’m going to have to modify the SEB Halloween headers Beau Tochs made for me to fit the new layout. As usual I’ll put the first one up on October first and rotate them as seems appropriate.

Beyond that nothing much to report at the moment. What’s new with you guys?

1 thought on “Welcome to fall, a day late.

  1. Time management with school has me practically OCD – with every day for the next 4 months planned out approx. to the hour. Had a really rotten year last year, on the rebound and trying to keep my head above water.

    Out of a long-term relationship, into a situation of trying to get an old friend out of an abusive one, managing as a student rep and public face for CompSci undergrads, and trying to find ways to treat myself right within a strict timeframe.

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