This does put the whole lead paint thing in perspective…

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Lifted from The People’s Republic of Seabrook.

5 thoughts on “This does put the whole lead paint thing in perspective…

  1. Since when did health care or insurance become a right? They are commodities offered for pay just like food and housing but the entitlement people will surely change that.

  2. I’m not necessarily claiming it’s a right, but I do think it’s a good idea. I think it’s idiotic that in one of the richest countries in the world there are so many people without health insurance.

  3. Gee, the cartoon was pointing out an ironic situation, not stating that the masses that have no health care should be protected.  You implied that all by yourself there lemmiwinks.

    OK, so basic health care is not a right.  I think that’s gotta be pretty important, but what do you enjoy from the government that is not a right?  Surely you drive on roads?  How about send your children to public schools?  Maybe you’ve benefited from the services of your local fire department or police department? Maybe ate some food that was approved by FDA regulations to keep it safe?  Have you been enjoying that smooth, creamy Peter Pan peanut butter that was full of somenella bacteria back in January?  You know, the one that the food producers let slip by their quality inspection standards and gave so many people food poisoning, but has since been totally pulled off the market by the FDA?

    Why am I even asking these questions of you lemmiwinks, you were nothing more than a drive-by troll from the looks of things.  You’ll probably not even read these responses to your troll droppings.

  4. Where to draw the line…? It may sound extreme but for me I’d want acceptable (mundane) standard of living to be a right – i’d like it if everybody (including the working) got the same qty of decent benefit pay, and only worked if they wanted luxeries. Would people still work? I think so, few are content with mere survival without affording entertainment and having nothing to do in the time without work, and considering how extroardinarily rich some people are I do think there is the money in the system.

    I dislike the idea of having to work just to stand still, that defines a form of slave

  5. Insurance is a scam to transfer money to the insurer from the insured.

    Car insurance is a good example. I pay $1000 per year in insurance. I would rather risk going without insurance and set that money aside for when I need it rather than feed somebody’s paycheck. Seriously. I paid $600 for my car, a fucking awesome deal BTW, so why should I have to pay somebody more than the value of my car EVERY YEAR for something that MIGHT happen? Thanks to the stupid insurance laws, I must choose between getting buttfucked out of $85 a month or risk getting a $1000 fine if caught driving without it.

    Same goes for health care. Yes, like car accidents, the unexpected can happen at any time.  However, if you are smart and set aside money and take care of yourself then it’s little to worry about. Problem is, most everyone pisses away their left over money on shit they don’t need and is 30+lbs overweight.

    If you want health insurance, your job likely offers health insurance benefits. If not, there are many insurance agency’s that I’m sure would be more than happy to take your money. Universal health insurance means higher taxes and money out of my paycheck to help unknown people pay for their crappy health choices.

    Health insurance for everyone? No thank you.

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