Teaching an old dog old tricks he used to know, but forgot.

I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back. I used to sleep on my back all the time, but ever since I had to give up my water bed back in my late 20’s because of my bad back I’ve not been able to sleep on my back. Instead I usually sleep on one side or the other sometimes with my right arm under my head or sometimes partially on my tummy. The problem with this is I wake up with sore arms and/or a sore ribcage from sleeping on my arms. Plus one of my arms is often sticking out from the covers and, with the cooler weather, is just this side of being frozen solid by the time I wake up. It’s freakin’ annoying.

So I’m trying to learn how to sleep on my back again and it’s not going well. Which is weird as I have no problems sleeping while sitting up which is just like laying on your back except you’re, um, sitting up. And I can at least doze on the couch when kinda laying on my back wedged into the spot where the cushions meat the backrest. So why the hell can’t I sleep on my back?

Now that I think of it the last time I can recall sleeping on my back was on my honeymoon when we were staying at a bed and breakfast in Frankenmuth (Michigan’s little Bavaria) on what has to have been the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on in my life. If I had had any sense at all I would’ve thought to ask them what the hell mattresses they were using and, for that matter, pillows and comforter set. I’m sure it was all horribly expensive, but it was such a good sleep it would be worth the investment. I have a picture of the bed in our photo gallery and I’ve always thought it shows just how much of an idiot I am that I took a picture of the bed, but didn’t actually bother to ask what it was composed of. Looking at the picture it seems smaller than I remember as I keep picturing as being somewhat like the huge bed Tim Allen sleeps in at the North Pole in The Santa Clause which is the sort of bed I’ve long dreamed of.

Needless to saw, I really enjoy sleeping.

6 thoughts on “Teaching an old dog old tricks he used to know, but forgot.

  1. I have the same problem but I attributed it to old age.  Obviously I’m wrong.  In the morning when I wake up it is like my arms have been rolled up like a sleeping bag and it actually hurts to straighten them out.  Or as you say if one that is tucked under my head because the shoulder joint won’t allow me to tuck it under the pillow is cold.  You kind of dread laying down at night no matter how tired you are.  The condition also causes you to switch sides frequently to relieve the arm you are laying on. 

    You might call the B&B;and see if they can tell you the make of the mattress and bedding.  Hope you master the back thing.

  2. Yep, I can sit sitting up or reclined, but not on my back.  Tales of my babyhood are filled with how I learned to roll over really early on….simply to be able to sleep on my stomach. ;P

  3. If I’m tired enough I will sleep in any position any place.  But I almost always sleep on my side.  Thing is I haven’t had any problems with it.

  4. Les it sounds like you need several inches of Memory Foam. No matter how you sleep. Back, side, stomach, a person has the tendency to stay put. Any position feels comfortable. I have a Memory Bed because it absorbs shock and movement. Very $Pricy$.. But several inches should not cost that much.

    The Bed lays or fits around you, as opposed to you laying on the bed…Hard to explain.%&#?

  5. I had some difficulty sleeping on my side when I had just gotten a tattoo on my back, as I usually sleep on my back.  Luckily I didn’t have to do that for very long.

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