T-shirt mashes up 360 Red Ring of Death with 2001’s H.A.L..

Microsoft is still having problems with their Xbox 360s and the dreaded Red Ring of Death that indicates you’re now the proud owner of a plastic brick. Some estimates put the failure rate for the Xbox 360 at around 33% which means there’s a good chance you or someone you know has experienced the terror of the Red Ring of Death, possibly more than once.  If you’re on of the unlucky then the folks over at SplitReason have come up with the perfect t-shirt to help you to laugh away the pain:

Well, at least until your 360 dies again.

3 thoughts on “T-shirt mashes up 360 Red Ring of Death with 2001’s H.A.L..

  1. ya my brother’s just failed last week.  Now really thinking of getting him this t-shirt every time it fails.

  2. That’s beautiful.

    I never got the RROD, but my DVD drive failed after more than two years of heavy use.  I figured that was about right.

    The biggest issue I’ve seen with the 360 is the amount of heat it throws off.  I keep it well ventilated on its own shelf, and so far, no major problems.

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