Sony’s PS3 controllers to gain rumble, more titles will support Remote Play.

The folks at Kotaku are live blogging the Sony TGS keynote bringing us news that the SIXAXIS will soon be replaced by the Dual Shock 3 controller that’ll bring force feedback to the PS3. There was a lot of griping about that feature being dropped from the controllers and now that the lawsuit with Immersion has been settled it looks like it’ll finally see the light of day on the PS3. I know I was disappointed that rumble would be dropped in favor of the motion controls so I’m happy with this news. The new Dual Shock 3 will ship in Japan this November and in the U.S. and Europe next spring. At least ten titles are known to support the DS3 and there’s word that some already released titles may also support it or be updated to support it.

Sony also focused on a relatively new feature that was officially unveiled with the release of Lair called Remote Play that enables you to link your PSP to your PS3 and play the game on the hand held. The lack of motion sensing on the PSP makes some parts of the game unplayable, but that’s OK because word has it the game has some shitty controls to begin with. However a number of other games will be supporting this quirky feature in various ways such as using a PSP as a second additional screen in Formula 1 Racing to simply using multiple PSPs as alternative game controllers for your PS3. An upcoming firmware update will all you to turn your PS3 on over the Internet using your PSP and shut it off again, presumably so you can play some of your PS3 games when not at home as well as to stream video stored on your PS3 to your PSP.

They also mentioned that they have heard the gripes from fans about the pricing of PS3 hardware, but aren’t saying one way or the other if any of the rumored price drops and/or new SKUs are coming in the future. All they’ll say on price drops at the moment is that they are a “possibility.” Well of course they’re a possibility. If anything they’re an inevitability, the real question is, of course, when they will happen? It makes sense Sony doesn’t want to say ahead of time because then folks will hold off on buying a PS3 until the price drop happens. Analysts continue to speculate that it’ll happen soon, though, perhaps as early as the next month or two.

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