SEB stats for August 2007.

Having run out of things to read in my RSS reader I’m digging around looking for something to write about as I still have an hour and a half before I can even think about leaving work. So here’s a few random SEB stats for this past August:

Page Views: 3,716,703
Visitors: 84,074
Data Transfer: 28.86 G

Busiest Day: Aug. 22nd – 151,943 page views by 5,031 visitors amounting to 1.06G of data.

72% of all traffic comes from the United States followed by Canada (6.4%), the U.K. (6.1%), and Australia (2.4%). The browser preference is pretty evenly split between Internet Explorer (43.7%) and Firefox (42.9%) with Safari (3.2%) and Mozilla (2.5%) following behind (interestingly enough AOL accounts for 1.2%).

Not surprisingly the dominate OS is Windows XP (65.3%) followed by, surprisingly, “Unknown” (13.4%) and then Windows Vista (6.6%) and Macintosh (5.4%), Linix (2.4%) is tied with Windows 2000 (2.4%), while Windows 2003 (1.6%) just nudges out Mac OS X (1.5%) with WIndows 98 (0.6%) bringing up the rear.

Google dominates the referring search engine at 94.9% with the next closest being Yahoo at 3.5%, AOL and MSN tie at 0.7% each and the rest are 0.1% or less.

Now we get to the good stuff. The Top 10 Search Terms that brought people to SEB are:

  1. Tony Sinclar – Annoying TV spokesman (0.9%)
  2. Chuck Missler – IDiot obsessed with peanut butter (0.9%)
  3. Stupid Evil Bastard – Semi-obscure weblog (0.8%)
  4. Sims 2 Sex – How to get pretend people to have pretend sex (0.7%)
  5. – Something for nothing scam site (0.7%)
  6. Laura Mallory – Anti-Harry Potter asshat (0.4%)
  7. ProductTestPanel – Same as #5 above. (0.4%)
  8. angels trumpet – Fun with hallucinogenic tea. (0.4%)
  9. Medison Celebrity – Uber-cheap laptop (0.3%)
  10. Philip Stein Teslar – Overly expensive scam watches. (0.3%)

So that’s that for whatever thats worth. I don’t know that it says anything in particular, but I thought it was interesting none the less and it allowed me to kill off a good 25 minutes or so while I typed this up.

3 thoughts on “SEB stats for August 2007.

  1. Still the search terms only account for 5.8?% (can’t be bothered to check that), so there’s a lot of other stuff being searched.

    I was brought to SEB by searching for baloons shaped like rockets that you attatch to the back of a truck, I don’t think I commented but made a not of the site. That and someone at work called a customer an SEB (I think), which reminded me.

  2. …and I regularly read your blog from Manila here in the sunny Philippines! (im originally Canadian). cant remember how i came to it, but its survived numerous purgings of my blog subscriptions.

    Keep up the good work.


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