Rumors of another PS3 price drop and a new model for Christmas.

The folks over at ArsTechnica’s gaming blog have an inside man who seems to be pretty good at getting the low-down on big gaming news before it’s officially announced. Now he’s predicting another PS3 price drop, a new model, and a PS2 price drop for the holidays:

Our mole has a great track record: both the Xbox 360 HDMI story and the wired Xbox 360 Rock Band controllers have since been confirmed. Whoever our friendly inside source is, he’s got some great contacts. Now he’s ready to tell us what Sony’s console pricing plans may soon look like. Here’s how Sony’s platform pricing will shape up by the holiday shopping season:

  • 80GB PlayStation 3: $499.99
  • 40GB PlayStation 3: $399.99
  • Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie pack in with one, or both
  • PlayStation 2: $99.99

The PS2 is still selling like hotcakes outselling any of the next gen machines and a price drop to $99 would only fan the flames, but a 40GB PS3 at $400 would be a huge announcement. It would definitely put one within striking distance for yours truly as I’m already over halfway there (my wife suggested I save up my birthday money towards a PS3). I’d happily give up 40GB of drive space for $100 considering how easy it is to upgrade the PS3’s 2.5” hard drive yourself and the fact that for less the $100 you can snap up a 160GB to slap in there. I’m not entirely sure I’d be using my PS3 to download movies and TV shows anyway so having a huge amount of space wouldn’t necessarily be a priority.

Of course this is still just a rumor, but the guy’s been right before so it gives me reason to be optimistic.

6 thoughts on “Rumors of another PS3 price drop and a new model for Christmas.

  1. At $399, I might consider a PS3 as well.  If it’s anything like the XBOX 360, then a 40G model would be fine for me.  I’ve had my 360 since launch day in 2005, and have yet to fill the 20G disk.

    At E3 2006, I didn’t see anything on the PS3 that I hadn’t already been playing for almost a year.  Now, however, there are enough “exclusive” PS3 titles that would make a $399 PS3 that much more attractive.  For instance, the upcoming HAZE ( from Free Radical looks pretty sweet.

  2. A $400 PS3 would be tempting to me too.  Don’t play too many video games apart from WoW these days, but that price would net me a new system and a Blu-Ray DVD player for less than the Blu-Ray players I’ve seen in stores.

  3. I have an 80 gig model now and I do love it.  It does a great job w/ the ps2 games as well.  We bought a new 32” HD flatscreen for it this past weekend and the games that we have look fantastic on it.

  4. I never understood why companies in sheltered markets don’t try to reduce price enough to just take out the competition.  If a PS3 was on sale for $300 and I didn’t already buy a Wii, I would jump all over it.  For me, it’s still too much money.

    Apple just did the same thing with the iPhone, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take over the media cellphone market.

  5. For me the major drawback would be if the 40GB had the same backwards compatibility issues that the 80GB model has.  My PS2 has been acting up for well over a year plus now (though mostly an occasional little thwap over the dvd drive fixes any major disc read problems) and half the reason I’d buy a PS3 is to still be able to play my PS2 games.  Would be nice to get rid of the lag I tend to get in the middle of a play in Madden or not have a wall pop up right in front of me as I’m speeding on a motorcycle at 100+ MPH in Grand Theft Auto.

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