President Bush needs a lesson in economics.

In the same vein as my last entry comes this little ditty from the folks at Think Progress:

Think Progress – Bush: We Can’t Spend $22 Billion On America Because We Need $200 Billion For Iraq War

The Democratic leadership in Congress is set to pass a host of domestic funding bills that would exceed Bush’s request by $22 billion. The extra funding would help go towards veterans health care, infrastructure improvements, education, and other domestic priorities.

Speaking to business leaders at a White House event this morning, Bush railed against the relatively modest increase in spending, arguing that $22 billion is “a lot of money”:

    Some in Congress will tell you that $22 billion is not a lot of money. As business leaders, you know better. As a matter of fact, $22 billion is larger than the annual revenues of most Fortune 500 companies. The $22 billion is only for the first year. With every passing year the number gets bigger and bigger, and so over the next five years the increase in federal spending would add up to $205 billion.

Bush warned that spending increases, which could add up to over $200 billion over five years, would be “taking money out of the pocket” of Americans who need to “pay their mortgages or pay for their children going to college.” Unfortunately, Bush failed to appreciate the irony in his remarks.

While complaining of modest spending increases on much-needed domestic funding priorities, Bush is far less concerned about the impact of spending $200 billion in the next year alone on a disastrous war in Iraq:

    President Bush plans to ask lawmakers next week to approve another massive spending measure — totaling nearly $200 billion — to fund the war through next year, Pentagon officials said.

It shouldn’t take a “CEO President” to figure out that $200 billion is greater than $22 billion.

It’s amazing to me that the man can ask for billions upon billions for the Iraq war without batting an eyelash yet a few more billion to help his fellow Americans is too much to bear. We’re spending $500,000 per minute in Iraq at the moment and Bush and his cronies are mulling over starting another war with Iran as well as trying to figure out how he can force us to stay in Iraq for half a century at the cost of trillions of dollars:

On June 1, during a trip to U.S. Pacific Command in Honolulu, Defense Secretary Robert Gates mused about how to “posture ourselves” in Iraq “for the long term.” The Vietnam experience underscored the undesirability of a sudden, abrupt withdrawal. Far better for the U.S. to follow the experiences of post-conflict garrisoning in Korea and Japan, he said: “a mutually agreed arrangement whereby we have a long and enduring presence.” President Bush is reportedly intrigued by the so-called Korea model, wherein the U.S. has guaranteed security on the Korean peninsula with at least four U.S. Army combat brigades for half a century. Indeed, in his speech on Thursday, Bush declared himself ready to build an “enduring relationship” between the U.S. and Iraq.

The study, conducted by the Congressional Budget Office, decided to follow the Korea model to calculate its expense. Since it’s unclear for how long or under what conditions combat operations will ensue, the CBO projects both a combat and a non-combat presence. Both, however, are projected to require 55,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. The combat scenario entails one-time costs of $4 to $8 billion, with annual expenses of $25 billion, projected outward. Under the non-combat scenario, a $8 billion one-time cost—mainly for the construction of additional “enduring” bases—would be followed by annual costs of $10 billion or less.

A prior CBO study, released in August, estimated (large pdf) that U.S. costs in Iraq from 2009 to 2017 will total approximately $1 trillion on the assumption of a troop presence of 75,000. On top of that, under the reduced-force combat scenario envisioned in this CBO estimate, the U.S. will spend another $1 trillion by 2057—the lifespan of the U.S.‘s Korean presence to date.

All estimates are in 2008 dollars. Both estimates are arguably conservative. In the combat scenario, for instance, Army units serve 12-month tours, whereas they now serve 15-month tours. In the non-combat scenario, the CBO ratcheted down the Defense Department’s cost-of-war estimates to reflect “lower costs for such items as equipment maintenance, fuel and consumable materials.”

If Bush has his way we’ll be paying the cost of his Presidency for decades to come. The sad part is there’s very few Democrats who are willing to say they’ll end his mess as soon as they get into office.

29 thoughts on “President Bush needs a lesson in economics.

  1. See this what happens when you let Government get involved. Put the war up for Bid.  Run it like a Renaissence army.  Halliburton want contracts in Iraq, jumping in after Goverment spending? Hell no, let the CEO raise his own ‘Regiment of Foote’- he can be the Colonel in Chief, pay for the equipment and wages. That will at least let him design the uniforms- nice ruff et al.

    “Where McDonald-Douglas goes, McDonalds goes” as the saying has it.  Hell, if they want to subject the world to USAfication let them pay for the planes.  Bigmac-52 anyone?

  2. Isn’t what we old folks have been screaming right along. Leave this money here to take care of our own problems!  Bring our people home to take care of their lives and families.  Let the people of Iraq, Iran, and other nations fight their own battles and let us concentrate on bringing work back to our own country.

  3. Well I am not a Bush fan. But from what I heard the 22 Billion contains a lot of pork spending. Sure it would help the Vets, But it also funds pet projects like a congressional highway that just leads to more waste. Should he sign it ? YES eventually, but not in it’s present legislated form.

  4. How many other already-passed bills had as much, or more, pork in them? Suddenly now it’s a veto-able issue? Ah, if only it had been from the start!

    …If only it would actually come into play in considering future bills!

  5. See this what happens when you let Government get involved. Put the war up for Bid.  Run it like a Renaissence army.  Halliburton want contracts in Iraq, jumping in after Goverment spending? Hell no, let the CEO raise his own ‘Regiment of Foote’- he can be the Colonel in Chief, pay for the equipment and wages. That will at least let him design the uniforms- nice ruff et al.

    “Where McDonald-Douglas goes, McDonalds goes” as the saying has it.  Hell, if they want to subject the world to USAfication let them pay for the planes.  Bigmac-52 anyone?

    MY COMMENT – do not email. just to busy—-
    YUP he is a bastard.  But it is of the control of the world type bastard,  as Hitler wanted and did the same things most certainly. Yes, all Freemasons go to hell. BIG FACT…  They are of hell themselves, and drag everyone into it, or at least they think they can do that!  And if you dont believe in +HIM, you will go there with them.  So whats the difference?  Most of you think money can save still you.  Its quite obvious,  with all those volcanoes, blowing their tops,  Its not that far off down the road from really happening…!!!  Imagine, all that lava flowing all over your body. I know I did not miss something!  They wrote it all down.  Its called the Bible.  Today,  The US goverment is in its own worship of its own 666, loving to the devil corporations,  and your living in it, whether you want to or not.

      I suggest that you find His true Church, so you dont wind up like them. Being, Stupid Evil Bastards. For Halliburton is the same thing as saying hello Mr money bag BUSH.  And how come he does not share what he steals of from the whole world?  Because, No one likes Mcdonalds. <<<
      sense, BIG FACT IS, Hydrogen could of been running this whole world a long time ago.  Water from the side of +Christ,  WASH ME…  Only One Cross – Boom… But no one wants to admit their own stupid selfish evil of bending it.  Especially a freemason…!  Pope,  no, Ratzinger is not a Pope of the Catholic Church. FACT.
    Just a big bag of Hitler wind shit.  Poooh run the world crap.  Funny,  I cannot tell the differences between any of them.  For all of them, do not believe in angels.  A very bad mistake.  All of you, go to meet your maker.
    Whether you want to or not.

  6. JD – I think I drank you yesterday!

    Okay – why would the government be conciously worshiping the devil? What would they hope to achieve by it? – If they were selfish and wanted material goods then surely they’d want your heaven too, or more so, so it contradicts that they’d be deliberately taking the one-way ticket to hell they didn’t need to.

    Also I’d suggest you be a little more restrained with what you call a fact, unless you can provide compelling evidence that is

  7. Gotta love it when the batshit crazy Christians show up to add their two cents while telling you not to email them cause they don’t have time to listen to sane people.

  8. Needs more time to understand, less time yapping bout not being understood.

    edit for clarity: the drive-by commenter who needs to say his piece and run without being bothered for, say, counter-discussion on it.

  9. You can argue whether Bush does indeed hate black people. But there is just no dispute that he loves him some brown folks!

  10. As for JD’s remarks about the Masons..

    I joined the Masonic Lodge when I was 21. I have been a Mason for over 30 years. I am a Past Master of a Lodge, A member of the Grand Lodge of my State, and set on the Board of Directors for the Masonic Children’s Home for over 10 years. The Masonic Children’s Home is for Kids that have absolutely no hope of ever being adopted into a family. Masons also have Children’s Hospitals and Burn Centers that operate free of charge. Mason’s cover the expense completely.

    I have never seen the slightest hint of a Political Discussion in Lodge, We are encouraged by our by-laws to stay away from discussing Politics, Religion, or using what could be considered foul language while in Lodge. We believe in strong family ties, being a good husband and father. A person can never be solicited to become a Mason. You must ask one to be one. The only requirement is that you believe in a Higher Power, discussion of your own personal religion or lack thereof is discouraged.

    There are no Secrets. It is all for a good cause, usually something to do with charity for kids. Most of the men are good family men that enjoying getting together with like minded men.

    Most of all we are encouraged to not Judge other people. Regardless of their Religious beliefs or lack thereof. The only reason that you are required to believe in God or a Higher Power is because you are required to be under oath during your initiation into the Lodge. Just like in Court or your own Wedding. Masonry is certainly not a Religion.

    JD you go around talking about things you know nothing about. You are in need of an open mind. I would advise you to stick around this board. You need this place….And please…STOP DRINKING !

  11. Yeah, Paul, but Mozart was a Mason, and he wrote stuff like “Leck mich im Arsch”.  That proves that Masons are weird. LOL

  12. Paul – I’m curious, what do masons do? I’ve got this idea it’s kinda like expensive boy scouts for adults. Are there any benefits beyond social?

    I expect the non-discussion of religion and politics is to avoid points of conflict so people get along without grinding the conceptual gears against each other, but the need for a hierarchy seems odd (though I understand something with it’s own funds needs to budget)

    And I’m guessing SEB serves the purpose for you of allowing discussion of what you cannot in the masons, those points of conflict, and that SEB doesn’t necessarily require the same things, with less expectations

  13. Bahamat, The Mason Lodge dates back 300 to 400 years. It is probably the oldest Fraternity of Men. The Rituals used in the Masons are founded upon setting Geometry as a Moral Science. The founding block of the Masons is built around King Solomons Temple. The Stone Masons way of life so to speak, made into Fraternity. The dues range from $30 to $50 per year.

    The Catholic Church will almost ex-communicate you if they find you are a Mason. Some Modern ( Holy Roller ) Church’s very much frown on the idea of Masons because they consider them Un-Christian ( Which is True ) The Boston Strangler may have been one. Hitler hated them.  A lot of the U.S. Presidents were all Masons. They come from all walks of life and are in almost every Country.

    I became one because my Grandfather was a Mason, As are most of the men on my fathers side. I have not been to Lodge is several Years. I feel my time spent with them was well worth the effort, as I believe in supporting homeless children. ( That was pretty much my deal for joining ) I have never looked up Mason’s on the web, but I bet there is both good and bad said about them.

    When I get old, I could go into a Masonic Home. As could my Wife. They take excellent care of their Seniors.

    I signed up with SEB because I was searching the Web. I put the words Bush and Idiot and up popped SEB. I enjoy this board because the people seem very smart.
    And the occasional laugh….

  14. LH – I think we’ve lost our marble, something we may be slated for.
    And I’ll have to re-carve the chess piece that gran-ate

    Paul – thanks for the info smile
    When I settle down into a stable full-time job/retire I might semi consider volenteering for samaritans, that I feel might be more fitting for me – and maybe then I could feel like it all meant more (the selfish motivator).

    My parents hold a different view that I fear the public (and samariton recruiters) may also of what would make someone good at that and so I think they’d disapprove of it – I don’t do sympathy (but I’m not harsh, I try to be real and help get to the bottom of it, but there would be cases where I’d be powerless, and it’d just be a case of giving them time and hoping, but I know there are people who think you can just talk at them the same stuff blindly and think it’d get them out of it, I know that doesn’t always work and the person’s gotta realise stuff themselves in time, but perhaps laypeople don’t realise that, my parents just see something they consider wrong and just throw the same stuff at it, when it isn’t even necessarily a problem in the first place, just something they’d fear themselves

    Anyway – it might be something you could consider, seriously – direct emotional help.

    I came across SEB when googling a USB foam missile launcher, I saw a google images pic of some rocket baloons tied to the back of a pickup driving down the motorway at high speed, and one of the links led here, I stayed because it allowed me to talk freely and test, and modify my concepts/ philosophy

  15. This is getting difficult – I think we’ve chiseled away most possibilities, so i’ll have to gravel grovel with the cheap shots I have left, and hope that I won’t be vulnerable to catching the shingles from the exhaustion

  16. since we’re on the open trail of thread drift, I came here by typing in a random domain name (previously, was good for a laugh, and currently the Exploding Kitten had me with talk of an Underwear Snack which was supposedly printed in the Red Deer Advocate some years back (I’m trying to find out if the article is, indeed, attributable to them – left a message with their managing editor asking about it))

    For the most part since then, it’s been fun – though the odd discussion has gotten me more stressed than I’d like, and, in recent months, I lurk moar and participate less in an effort to curb stimulating activity.

  17. This is getting difficult – I think we’ve chiseled away most possibilities, so i’ll have to gravel grovel with the cheap shots I have left, and hope that I won’t be vulnerable to catching the shingles from the exhaustion

    So I win on aggregate?

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