Oklahoma latest state to have video game law ruled unconstitutional.

They’re dropping faster than a bunch of demons in Doom 3 as another video game law gets the judicial smackdown:

Judge Robin Cauthron, the first female federal judge in the state of Oklahoma, said that the Oklahoma law “violates the United States Constitution’s First Amendment freedom of expression and is unconstitutionally vague under the Fourteenth Amendment.” She also found no evidence that video games harm kids and rejected arguments that the “interactivity” of games meant that First Amendment provisions did not apply.

Judge Cauthron also noted that the law would have restricted minors’ access only to video games but not to material that was just as violent or sexual in books, films, and other media. Violating the Equal Protection Clause in such a manner is a big no-no, and it’s no way to write broad legislation.

You’d think folks would get the idea that this shit ain’t gonna fly, but they keep trying and they keep wasting tax payer money in the process. Hell, California is considering trying again.

7 thoughts on “Oklahoma latest state to have video game law ruled unconstitutional.

  1. Everyne know that video games don’t make you violent, they just make you fat. grin

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