Newsweek’s video gamer blog links to my rant on TIME’s coverage of “Halo.”

Not sure if this is the cause of some of the sluggishness the site seems to be having today, but it was cool to note in the referrer logs that Newsweek’s Level Up gaming blog linked to my rant from yesterday.

It probably doesn’t hurt that I confess my fondness for Newsweek in the entry itself, but I’ll pretend it’s because I said something insightful or at least somewhat interesting.

3 thoughts on “Newsweek’s video gamer blog links to my rant on TIME’s coverage of “Halo.”

  1. Now you can say you’ve been quoted in Newsweek.  Excellent.

    I run hot and cold on the two magazines, to be honest—but I agree with everything that you said about the TIME article—pure goofiness on a stick.

  2. I followed the link here from N’Gai Croal @ NEWSWEEK in regards to “the bungies”.  Anyways I showed up here looking for gaming news and found a lot of Atheism, Politics and random greatness… needless to say you just become my favorite Stupid Evil Bastard.

    Thanks, you’ve got another regular reader..

    Atheist in the AK

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