Mozart songs you’ve probably never heard of: “Leck mich im Arsch.”

That Mozart fellow was a cheeky bastard it seems. Apparently he wrote a few songs in his time that could be considered, well, uncouth. Take for example the canon in B-flat Major which when literally translated reads as Lick Me in the Ass:

Leck mich im Arsch is a canon in B-flat major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 231 (K382c), with lyrics in German. It was one of a set of at least six canons probably written in Vienna in 1782. Sung by six voices as a three-part round, it is thought to be a party piece for his friends.

A literal translation of the song’s title and lyrics into English would be “Lick me in the arse”. The correct idiomatic translation is “Kiss my arse” or “Get stuffed”. The scatological title and lyrics have been used as evidence to support the contention that Mozart had Tourette syndrome, although that conjecture is not widely supported by medical professionals.

Mozart died in 1791. His widow, Constanze Mozart, sent the manuscripts of the canons to publishers Breitkopf & Härtel in 1799, saying that they would need to be adapted for publication. The publisher changed the title and lyrics of this canon to the more acceptable—and saleable—“Laßt froh uns sein” (“Let us be glad!”), similar to the traditional German Christmas carol, “Lasst uns froh und munter sein”.

The original, unbowdlerized manuscript was discovered in 1991 at Harvard University’s music library. The previous summer, the library had acquired a 17-volume edition of Mozart works. Included in those volumes were nine original Mozart canons, of which six were signed by Mozart, including K231, and another Mozart work, “Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schön sauber” (“Lick my arse nice and clean”, K233; K382d in the revised numbering). All were presumed to be authentic. Later research has indicated that the latter composition is probably the work of Wenzel Trnka (1739-1791).

If that man were still alive I’d buy him a beer. A German beer, of course. Though I wouldn’t drink any myself. I’ve always thought beer tasted like ass.

Wikipedia entry found via Boing Boing.

4 thoughts on “Mozart songs you’ve probably never heard of: “Leck mich im Arsch.”

  1. If this is true then I see this being translated to english and being released as a christmas single

    ok so maybe not christmas

    As for the beer thing, cheap beer tastes like ass, never drink carling (unless you’re already drunk, then you just can’t taste it), i’ve grown fond of staropramen

  2. Well, Mozart probably drank German beer on his tour of Germany in 1763, but I bet he drank a lot more Austrian beer.  And the lyrics don’t surprise me- he was pretty scatalogical in his letters to his family too.  A bad boy was he.

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