LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh

SEB reader Felicity sends along a link to LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh which is what you get when you combine the hilarity of LOLCats with Christian icons. A sample:

Click to embiggen!

The number of submissions is pretty low at the moment, can’t imagine why, but I’m sure it’ll grow in time. I especially like the one that suggested Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus are actually space aliens.

3 thoughts on “LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh

  1. LOLcats worked because it was cute and appealed to catlovers, and there are many possible expressions from cat pictures

    This intends to use humour to appeal to atheists, might work, but i doubt there are as many atheists compared to catlovers, or as many interesting pics to work on, since they’re often man-made and within a certain range

  2. This intends to use humour to appeal to atheists

    Or to theists with a sense of humour. They do exist, I’ve been told.

  3. LOL Cats ripped off….

    can’t violate teh rulze 1 und 2ooo…

    and even more so… that LOLTheist site doesn’t seem that funny to me… sure some are amusing… but…

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