I gotta get a new job…

They pull me out to the old location because, they told me, they had work there I could do. So why did I spend eight hours today doing a whole lotta nothin’? I literally sat around until noon shooting the shit with two other guys who also had nothing to do, then I ate lunch, then I went out to my car with a newspaper and read/dozed for a couple of hours, then I went to a local Barnes & Noble and bought a couple of books to read for the remainder of my day. That was it.

Contrary to what you might think, getting paid to sit on my ass all day and do nothing isn’t the life of glamor and bliss some folks paint it to be. At least at the previous location I had access to a terminal and I could do something to pass the time, blog mainly. Now I get to drive further wasting more gas in the process to accomplish even less than where I was last week. Definitely need to find a new job before this one drives me nuts.

7 thoughts on “I gotta get a new job…

  1. The killer is having to look constantly busy when there’s nothing to do, having to always think on your feet and always afraid, which is the case where I work (they don’t accept that there’s ever nothing to do) – I got in deep trouble for reading and playing chess, but there was nothing to do

    I’ve actually developed less efficient ways of doing things and yet look busy to keep it going

  2. I usually add about 30 minutes to the work order on everything I do. That way I can keep my productivity numbers up and still have time to BS with my co-workers.

  3. I had one of those jobs.  Even got a 5% raise after two months there.  But, no internet, no privacy = no sanity.  At least they had a gym that I could sneak off to in the afternoons.  The last straw was when they said we needed to learn RPG for the NEW software we were going to code – in 1998.

  4. I’ve got that type of job – sometimes there is work to be done, and most of the time there is none to be found!  I’d much rather keep busy than try to find new and intriguing things on the internet.

    To look busy – I usually take a page from George Costanza and look frustrated all the time (it makes you look busy!)

  5. I love my job too, but there are ups and downs. My wife and I Team Drive a Truck all 48 States. We drive sometimes non-stop for 4 or 5 days. Thats 24 hours no stop except for fuel. Then we set on our asses for 3 or 4 days. I am setting in the passenger seat right now as a matter of fact, We are at mile marker 360 on West bound Interstate 20 in Texas. Our ETA to El Paso is 0200. I don’t think I have ever posted going down the road. I can say a lot of times if we have been on a hard run it takes a couple of days down, just to get caught up on our rest. We recently did a haul from Wilmington NC to Los Angeles in about 40 hours. Turned around in California and went right back to North Carolina. Left NC on Monday and was back in North Carolina Thursday Morning.
    It’s rare that another Truck ever passes us.

  6. Moloch, aside from the lack of money being unemployed entails it is far more enjoyable than a job where you literally sit around and do nothing for hours on end.

    And I didn’t say I wanted to be unemployed, I said I needed to find a new job.

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