Happy Ironically Named Holiday!

Only in America would we have a holiday in honor of working where we celebrate it by taking the day off. Also known as the Excuse-For-The-Last-Trip-Of-The-Summer day, a good chunk of the younger generation starts their school year this week. Summer itself won’t end for a few more weeks, but there’s already hints of the coming fall in the weather. Evening lows have been dropping into the 50’s as of late making for good sleeping, but a need to turn off the fans and pull out the comforter.

I’m spending my day lazing about. How about the rest of you?

15 thoughts on “Happy Ironically Named Holiday!

  1. My fiance and I made a pepper and mustard based rib rub and are smoking some ribs.  I will then likely follow that up with a cold beer.  Ah what a day!!!

  2. Ironically I just started a new manufacturing jobs

    I’m the man who puts tape on the boxes of thorntons chrtistmas tree shaped chocolates

    My mother is so proud of she cries with joy every time she looks me in the eye


    Ok, it’s actually part time job while i look for full time work, but it’s still humiliating

  3. The pay is alright for what im doing

    But I’ve been paid more before for working on a help desk, however I was almost fired several times for swearing at people

    Bo far I’ve cursed at half the people on my production line and no-ones cares, granted before I was cursing at customers from time to time, they didn’t like that

    I’m a people person

  4. Couple hours at the gym, some organization an rescheduling, some housecleaning yet go to, and a long evening bath with meditation on the events of the near past and future.

  5. Went to the in-laws and out-laws for a fine meal and watched “Finding Nemo,” again. And as for the name of the holiday, how about $mas, er, Christmas?

  6. Not only in America … here in Germany there is a holiday called “Day of Labor” on May 1 of each year. It is a day to celebrate the workers’ rights movement (as I assume is Labor Day in the US); for example, labor unions usually hold rallies on that day.

    I hope all of you had a good Labor Day!

  7. Christmas is a story unto itself and one I’ve covered in the past.

    We had a successful day of not laboring here with some time put in playing WoW and some time put in watching the marathon of Dead Like Me on the Sci-Fi channel and trying to figure out how the mythology works.

  8. Also known as the Excuse-For-The-Last-Trip-Of-The-Summer day, a good chunk of the younger generation starts their school year this week.

    Huh?  You mean some kids don’t start back to school until September???

  9. Ragman, in Michigan it’s a law that schools aren’t allowed to start until after Labor Day. They passed it a year or two ago because the state’s tourism industry was complaining that schools starting before Labor Day were hurting tourism (natch). Only one district started before Labor Day this year and that was only because they still had an active union contract that was the only exception the law allowed. Next year with a new contract in place they too will start after Labor Day.

  10. Wow.  Texas had a law that went in this year that schools started on Aug 27, but we’ve been dealing with the start day moving earlier and earlier in August.  This school year runs Aug 27 to June 5.  Part of that may be due to the more or less now abandoned year-round schooling push. 

    I grew up with mid-Aug to last part of May school years in Louisiana.  Starting school this week seems more fitting, but then, I wouldn’t want to be in class through mid-June, either.  Makes me wonder, since many universities are starting summer sessions by the start of June at the latest.

    I’m still annoyed by my university’s “Let’s start a week ahead of the other universities” schedule.  Summer sessions aren’t supposed to start on freaking May 15!

    I do wonder what the national stats are on when the first day of public school falls.  If they exist.

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