Halo: The Future of Gaming

The folks over at Loading.Ready.Run takes a look at why Halo is the future of gaming:


7 thoughts on “Halo: The Future of Gaming

  1. Damn I couldn’t even finish it without having to quit halfway through and get sick on my Starcraft disks.  Please no more….please stop the madness.  Why oh why did my one of my all time favourite games have to have it’s expansion released on Halo Day!

    It is a great game but not worthy enough to sell your soul for.  On the plus side maybe the Halo movie with Peter Jackson will now start to get rolling.  Buy a disk for Peter and end bad video game movies.

  2. Bah, the Halocaust wasn’t nearly as bad as the liberal media makes it out to be.  I doubt that 30.5 billion people really died in corpse humping related cross-fire incidents.

  3. Psycho, I think you’re missing the humor in that video. Watch the whole thing. It’s not exactly the outcome you’d think it is given how it starts out. I thought it was a very clever slam on the Halo hype.

  4. let us just rip off the Animatrix

    Wow, and the Matrix/Animatrix/Matrix Reloaded/Matrix whatever is just sooooo original in of itself.  At least this is funny, the Matrix is some of the most pretentious, derivative bullshit I have ever seen.

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