Go read “DM of the Rings.”

How the hell did I ever manage to miss an excellent webcomic like DM of the Rings? I only found out about it today and today is when the author is ending the strip to start a new project. ***Dave knew about it and I’m sure he probably mentioned it at some point and I somehow managed to completely overlook it.

Well, on the plus side, at least I can read the whole thing in a single setting without any of that pesky waiting for the next installment crap. The first comic is here so go there and start reading.

What? You wanna know what it’s about? Trust me, just go read it. What? Oh alright. It’s what you’d get if a traditional Dungeon and Dragons dungeon master had cooked up Lord of the Rings as a campaign for his adventurers rather than it being a much-loved fantasy trilogy. It uses screen captures from the films and is a parody of both the movies and what a traditional gaming campaign is like. If you are at all familiar with either the movies or RPG gaming then you’ll love it.

Plus you can read it all at once without having to wait for new installments.

11 thoughts on “Go read “DM of the Rings.”

  1. Sorry I never mentioned it.  Great comic, too bad it’s over now.  I heard about it on the podcast Fear the Boot, which I highly recommend to all my geek rpg playing brethren out there also.

  2. Thanks Les, I havnt laughed that hard in a very long time, glad I work alone in remote locations, reading that while in a cube farm would have lead to unemployment I’m sure.

  3. The skulls in the city of the dead
    “Do you think there are traps full of arms and legs”
    Almost ruptured myself trying to suppress my laughter so as not to wake everyone in the house.

    Games like this- especially the arguments over the rules (in the strip and in the comments) are the reason I moved away from D and D- I didn’t realise how complicated it had got. If I do it I use 1st edition (with the nice late 80s covers).  However if I ignore a rule set the set I prefer to ignore is FUDGE- available free on the net. I only use rules as a guide- and am quite happy for players to make up characters to fit a background- in my RQ campaign I allowed one player some ridiculously high ride stat because he was an exiled steppe nomad prince.

  4. Shamus has a new comic up now called Chainmail Bikini by the way.  It’s only got two episodes so far, and it’s a more traditional comic (actually drawn!), but it looks to be of a similar vein and DM of the Rings.

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