Fuck you AT&T.

AT&T just released a new Terms of Service agreement which has a provision that says they can cancel your service if you say bad things about them:

5.1 Suspension/Termination. Your Service may be suspended or terminated if your payment is past due and such condition continues un-remedied for thirty (30) days. In addition, AT&T may immediately terminate or suspend all or a portion of your Service, any Member ID, electronic mail address, IP address, Universal Resource Locator or domain name used by you, without notice, for conduct that AT&T believes (a) violates the Acceptable Use Policy; (b) constitutes a violation of any law, regulation or tariff (including, without limitation, copyright and intellectual property laws) or a violation of these TOS, or any applicable policies or guidelines, or(c) tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries.

Fortunately I don’t use AT&T for Internet access and after reading the above I’m not all that likely to do so in the future, but I do use their cellular network at the moment. At least until my contract expires and I can cancel it which I’m seriously considering doing because of bullshit terms like the above. Presumably the clause is aimed more at activities — such as hacking using an AT&T account — more so than writing something critical of AT&T, but they could use it to censor critics if they felt like it and that’s enough to make me avoid them.

Found via Slashdot.

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  1. Les, there’s an online service somewhere that allows you to trade or sell cellphone contracts.

    I thought AT&T;does pretty well without outside help to damage their reputation and it’s hard to see how this change in language isn’t intended to shut out critics.


    Your world delivered. To the NSA.

  2. found at http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/articles-resources/terms-of-use.jsp

    From AT&T;wireless:

    AT&T;reserves the right but does not assume the obligation to strictly enforce this Agreement, including without limitation by issuing warnings, suspension, or termination of service, and/or removal, screening, or editing of posted message, data, information, text or other material (“Content”), self help and active investigation, litigation and prosecution in any court or appropriate venue. AT&T;may access, use, and disclose transaction information and Content to comply with the law (e.g., a lawful subpoena); enforce or apply our customer agreements; to initiate, render, bill, and collect for services; to protect our rights or property, or to protect users of those services and other carriers from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of, or subscription to, such services. INDIRECT OR ATTEMPTED VIOLATIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY RELATED POLICY, AND ACTUAL OR ATTEMPTED VIOLATIONS BY A THIRD PARTY ON BEHALF OF AN AT&T;CUSTOMER, SHALL BE CONSIDERED VIOLATIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT BY SUCH CUSTOMER.

    Specifically: AT&T;may access, use, and disclose transaction information and Content to enforce or apply our customer agreements. 

    I guess if you’re a critic, they can tap your phone. 

    From Trademarks and Service marks:

    AT&T;trademarks, service marks, and trade dress may not be used in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers or in any manner that disparages or discredits AT&T;.

    Sounds like the same as the ISP terms.

  3. They’re just provoking those who are already annoyed with them, I don’t think it’s their smartest play, and it’s certainly drawn attention and damaged the reputation itself (which was a matter of time). But it is a business, so expect no better

  4. It’s part of the whole trend of asking for the moon in essentially non-negotiable contracts and reap the benefits until someone manages to get a lawsuit through the courts that slaps it down. 

    Like invention agreements many companies make you sign when you start work.  They basically lay claim to any ideas you have that you communicate in any form or fashion while at work, regardless of any relevance to the company’s line of work.  Any ideas you have outside of work that could have been influenced by your job knowledge they try to claim as well.

  5. I forgot to copy the URL when I found it yesterday (maybe off CNET?), but someone made the interesting point that if AT&T;starts policing their servers for content critical of them, they could lose the immunity from prosecution for hosting illegal content.

    After all, if they have time to read blogs, surely they have time to look for kiddie porn, yes?

    Man, I’d love to see the fat b@$+@rds hoisted on that petard…  My loathing of dates well before the NSA sell-out.

  6. please let me know what is up with this. this is the first i have heard about it.  thank you jason

  7. Hello,
    Just lost my job, and just got a cell phone bill for $514.00.  I had 1400 rollover minutes but, unlike their ads declare, these minutes do appearantly expire.  Seems I had only 104 rollover minutes left suddenly last month.  Hence, they charged me for every daytime minute I used the phone. 

    Guess it’s time to switch to Verison, or Team Mobile, etc.  Ma Bell is dead and I piss on her grave.  I will piss on AT&T’s grave once they’re caught up in the Wall St. mess and go down.  …And they will go down!

    Have faith comrades!

  8. You are stupid.  If you don’t like non-negotiable contracts, then don’t sign one, stupid!  If you don’t like AT&C0cKSucKer;, then don’t use/agree to the terms of service they have, stupid!  I hate AT&DiCkHEad;, but, I’m not going to blame them for me signing the agreement that I didn’t read until I wanted out!  You people sound like big whiny pu$$ies!  Quit your crying, suck it up, and, start reading stuff before you agree to/sign it, stupid!

  9. Anti-Liberal… They changed this ToS recently…say maybe in the middle of a contract that may have already been signed. Stop being a d1ckhe4d.

  10. I’ve been using AT&T Internet for serious. I’ve got an email account that came with AT&T Internet. And my experience to AT&T is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM GUYS?

    No way! I have too much email accounts to manage, especially the one from att.net that sucks real bad. You can’t have an ad-free option at att.net unlike yahoo.com that can, and I fucking hate fucking ads, especially att.net which is the worst experience I’ve ever seen. Fuck you, AT&T

    I also hate recieving AT&T mail through my doorstep. They end up rotten. Why do I ever need services from AT&fuckingT;. Everytime I get AT&T mail, I get in big trouble.

    I’d rather be more confident and more happier with Cox.
    Five hundred years from now, who will know the difference?

    Fuck AT&T. Listen to Puritania by Dimmu Borgir.

  11. Yeah, I was trying to sign up for an account on AT&T so I could pay my bill online. After I completed all the steps the page would throw an error: Cannot register at this time: please try again later.

    I tried again and again for 2 fucking months. Finally, I went to online help. I was re-directed from online chat to an AT&T phone number and then from there I was re-directed 5 fucking times (3 of the 5 people I talked to on the phone were fucking Indian)… So, finally after 2 fucking hours of being on the phone the last guy re-directed me back online.

    They all kept saying, “sorry but not my problem.” Definately bad customer service. In conclusion, after 2 hours I was told that there was nothing they could do about my problem. What the fuck.

    I’m very disappointed in their customer service. Stupid Evil Bastard, I’m glad you put this site up and even though I’m an AT&T customer,


  12. FUCK ATT AND THEIR RIP OFF BULLSHIT. i really hope they go out of business, all of their “customer care” representatives are pompous assholes. it seems that every time i go into an att store they have found a new way to rip off their customers… then us dumbasses keep buying their shit because no one else sells it, their main selling point (the iphone) is a piece of shit anyway (like anything done by Macintosh) btw has anyone noticed the lack of their commercials recently? that’s because they suck and are going down. how nice would that be both att and mac bit the bullet the same day and all of those horse fucking employees went jobless! my dream come true!

    but seriously what are these circlejerking ceo’s doing all day? seeing how they can rip off their loyal customers? what an ethical business practice! that is why i don’t care if they all loose their jobs. these companies are the overtaxing kings and queens of today and i would love to see their demise.

    if you are one of these circlejerking ceo’s please, i invite you to make a comment on this page with your email on it and i will email you and ask for your office number and we will have a nice little chat. however this is very unlikely because you guys are just a bunch or rich pussies! haha pussy! cocksucker! child rapist! cunt! tit head! probabally called that in high school too, when all of the cool kids were having sex, you guys were jerking each other off in the chess club room!!!!! oh and once again FUCK YOU ATT AND GET YOUR GODDAM HEADQUARTERS OUT OF ALTANTA AND STOP POLLUTING OUR CITY WITH YOUR BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

  13. ATT Is so crooked, they charged me $50 in less than a month for text messages that weren’t even read by me. Also they mysteriously claim that I pay for previous months not the month ahead, which is a complete LIE – I will NEVER use ATT for anything unless they have a stranglehold on the DSL service area like they did in my last place I lived – ATT=CROOKED CRAPPY SERVICE

  14. @Steve Lee

    Your dumb. its common sense that your charged for the texts that are sent to you and not only the ones you send. If you don’t like it you can get text restrict on your phone. And in terms of your billing cycle for your account with AT&T and when you pay for it, some accounts with AT&T are billed in arrears and some are billed in advanced. That means that for some accounts you pay before the fact and some you pay after the fact. You would think that a person would actually LOOK UP a company’s policies online BEFORE they bitch about them on a random website for being crooked, lying, or being false. You signed a contract with them. Its all in there. Idiot.

  15. AT&T is crooked and evil. If you defend them you are defending a conglomerate uncaring corp.
    They are on their way out the door though so no worries. With items like Team Speak and Magic Jack they can go to hell. Also, in the near future, cell phones will require an initial fee for the unit and will have free internet access as well as world wide calls..all you wil have to pay is the fee for the cell phone( willbe around $300 -$400)**** this is my prediction.

  16. im at my breaking point with these fuckers. aside from years of dropped calls, shitty reception, and i think there might be a 3g network out there somewhere, but fuck that. this is how they just fucked me. so i had 2 lines on my plan and the bitch when nuts so i suspended the line because i didn’t want to pay out the fucking ass to terminate the line but here is where they just got done fucking me. the phone had the early nights plan thing, and unlimited web / text, and i made damn sure to specify to end everything. so my bill is about $110 a month, fucking rape but i dealt with it. but now they hit me with a $35 fee because i was late on a payment by 12 fucking hours and my phone was turned off for about 4 hours and so naturally im a little pissed and so while im talking to the operator who was actually helpful told me that they were still charging the line that’s suspended for all the features. mind you that its now june 2010 and i had them suspend the line in april of 2009. so i ask to be comped for the fees of the phone but unfortunately they can only go back 3 months. so all in all unlimited text $12.99 a month, unlimited web $16.99 a month and early nights / weekend shit $17.00 a month add all that up for the 1 year 2 months that it was charged and it comes out to $658 to which i was only comped $141. so thank you at&t for fucking me out of $517. i am now no longer going to pay my bill with them and im going with sprint. at&t can motherfucking suck me sideways, im done with there horseshit.

  17. I’m with the last dude. I pay $170 a month for 2 iPhones. Wives works fine she at home most of time. I’m in construction so I travel. I’ve had it. I’ve finally called customer service to see why I pay 100% of my bill when they cover bout 30% of me or my work area? Don’t seem fair. Why can’t I pay 30% so I explain this to the sloppy speaking representative. Here is his solution “I need to verify your phone don’t work out there. So you need to call us when your in that area for us to trouble shoot.” n e one catch that? I laughed n said wut? “call us from there n we can see.” that’s y I called u. So he politly says “take ur wives phone n call us.” “she’s AT&T also stupid hers won’t work.” “well without a call I can’t verify it.” I say “so ur saying borrow a buddies verizon phone to fix my AT&T phone cause he has signal?” he says “yea”. Oh but they did give me a once in a lifetime $25 credit!! That’ll cover gas to a payphone I guess.?.? FUCK U AT&T!! I even told them il call back in a day or so to cancel.. That was fine!! They rather get my $145 to close my line then have good review n custmer service n have a customer for life? Seems like a losing company. Oh I’m typing this on my AT&T iPhone cause I have 2 bars!! Turn it off save me the money!!! You guys suck ass!! I’m copying n pasting this on n e anti AT&T thing I find…. Ooo yea sweet feature captilizing AT&T but not verizon. Spend ur money on towers u fucks!

  18. I hit a rough patch and called AT&T to tell them I wouldn’t be able to pay my bill for a couple of months. They put me on a reduced rate plan to lower the monthly charges and said I could pay it in full when I was able, and there would be no loss of numbers, or reactivation fee or early termination fee. About 6 weeks later, I get a letter saying my account was being cancelled, and I was in danger of losing my numbers. I called them and was told that I had 59 days from the date of cancellation to pay the balance and keep my numbers, but there would be an early termination fee for any phones still under contract, and they would conduct a credit evaluation to see if I would be required to pay a deposit to get the phones turned on again. This after over 10 years of being with them, with no payment problems whatsoever. We’re going to go to T Mobile if these jerks insist on being the jackasses they are……

  19. AT&T Sucks ass !!!! They will screw you every chance they get. Iphone? forget it!!! They do NOTHING for current customers but continue to screw them !!! They are like AOL was. We can all make them history. TO HELL WITH ATT !!!
    The run around is all you get. CROOKS WITH A CAPITAL C !!!
    BOYCOT THERE ASSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. I was just informed that I could no longer use Internet card this month. Aparantly I have gone over my unlimited, usage. I’ve asked over and over since they did away with the unlimited plans, what would happen to my service. They have assured me over, and over, that I was grandfathered in, and that would never bother me. The crazy thing is that they put my service on hold for exceeding my unlimited plan. And they did so in the first week of the cycle. That’s right, I used up more than unlimited, in 7 days. I
    Think that’s only possible if I were a Black Hole.

  22. LMAO @ this thread, now a consumer-complaint mini-blog for ATT

    4 posts in just the last month!

    I liked where someone said “Thanks for puttin’ up this blog, I hate ATT because….” Very funny

  23. AT&T has horrible customer service. The president is an asshole. Fuck you AT&T. I hope all the corporate office dies of rectal cancer.

  24. Jay wrote:

    I hope all the corporate office dies of rectal cancer.

    Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Sure, they’re a crappy company, but wishing rectal cancer on everyone who works in the corporate office??

  25. FUCK YOU!! AT&T

    I just tried to add 2 lines to my account, and at first ATT said they wanted $150 deposit for each line. Then they realized they made a mistake and wanted $750 a line. This after being a loyal customer since 2001.

    FUCK YOU AT&T!! I will definitely terminate my service with you, get raped another $350 or something, and join with a different provider, most likely Verizon or Boost. I’d rather just take it in the ass one last time real good and hard from you than to be continually sodomized for years to come you mutherfuckers!!!

    FUCK YOU….. AT&T

  26. @ elwedriddsche:

  27. I WISH GOD WOULD STRIKE ATT LEADERS DOWN AND POUR OUT FIRE AND BRIMSTONE. I have ATT internet; phone; and wireless. They send me 3 different bills and I have to pay them 3 different times of the month and talk to 3 different people. I called them up and asked them if they believed in killing tress. I request that they combined all my bills into one bill; ATT said we can’t do that sir. Then I requested they lower my bill or release me from my contracts due to the non coverage they have at my new job. I told them ATT is not fast if I got no signal. Then I told them ATT was getting to big and I wished the company be damned to hell. I currently wait on my contracts to end. I am in hell until that day comes.

  28. Hmmm…My uverse DSL service was supposed to be activated by 8pm…no DSL service as of 920pm. They’re also closed, so I can’t complain. I hate these lying motherfuckers.

  29. i signed up for dsl service about a year ago, ok everything looked fine and was working the very first month of service, cool. as soon as the next month came up and had paid the bill for the first one, the connection went to shit, kept flickering between connected and disconnected. naturally i called cstmr service and was told that this was “normal” since i had been using it continuously and that i should reset my 2wire gateway wifi modem, and so i did. problem seemed to be resolved. about an hour later same shitty problem came up no connection. so i called back a second time within the same day, by the way stupid automated system that answers the call is shit, kept on transferring me to the “wrong department” the idiotic costumer care “specialists” kept saying “uh i definitely understand your concern sir, but uh , you reached the wrong department i am going to transfer you over” and i told him ok since i am such an imbecile that does not understand instructions given by fucking machine you do it ! you transfer me over to a live person that can work with me and find a solution, please. (i did say please or otherwise that good-for-nothing couch potato that answered my call would transfer me over to the wrong department again). Same  thing over and over again i was transferred 4 times before i could reach some older lady that at least made it sound as if she really cared. she sent  a tech guy over to my house, who went in inspected cables and stared at the outside of my home. “well it is all fixed up!” he said, “well , what did you fix up?” and then he went on and on that the line was dying cause i had “too much speed” yeah. that’s what he said that the internet i paid for was just too much speed for the cables in my house. Fucking bastard was just talking out of his hairy disgusting ass. And so I decided the fuck with this i will call them give them a piece of my mind to whom ever picks up the call and ask for a manager, not a “supervisor” but a manager, someone who makes at least 30,000 a year. I was basically given the finger, “I am sorry to hear that sir but to cancel you have to pay an EARLY TERMINATION FEE of 235.00” she said. “What? 235 because the shitty service from your company cannot be used at my house and now that i have a problem no one knows how to fucking fix it? tell you what take that computer mouse you are holding in your hands and shove it far up your ass! I want to talk to who ever is higher than you! ” i said enraged. “ok sir but  i gonna put you on a brief hold ok” she said, fucking bitch only disconnected the call. still to this date i have tried with different modems and still no fucking service in my house still fucking paying for fucking service i cannot use. I still keep on calling to try and solve this and the same I am always treated by some dumb fucker like he’s a lot smarter than me, the fuck with them and at&t. At this point i just wish i could find the motherfucker who calls himself the CEO of at&t and beat the crap out of his skull. Not kill him but let him crippled so he feels as fucking miserable as his company lets its cstmrs feeling. FUCK ATT AS SOON AS CONTRACT ENDS I WILL GO OVER TO TIMEWARNER CABLE

  30. just got my cell service turend off for being 1 day late now have a $40 re connect charge talk about biting the hand that feed’s you fuck at&t no contract ..taking my biss elswere!!!!!!

  31. AT&T CEO Contact Information Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
    Randall L. Stephenson Jr. (wife: Lenise Stephenson)
    5404 Walnut Hill Ln.
    Dallas, Texas 75229

    Send a certified letter.

  32. AT&T Represenatives are the worst lying vile scum on this planet. POS, they all should be taken out in the back and blindfolded and tarred and feathered. Rep tells me I would have faster DSL back in July of last year. Almost 1 year later, Total BullSH!T!!!! Slower than molasses, I hope they cancel us, worst FCKING SVC EVER!!!! The joke of the gateway/modem they made us pay for is Total garbage, signal keeps cutting out, even with a DIRECT ETHERNET CONNECTION!!! WTF???? NEVER EVER BELIEVE THE LIES OF THE SALES REPS OF AT&T they can all ROT IN HELL as far as I’m concerned. They want to charge us to come out and fix it when it is definitely their POS MADE IN CHINA GATEWAY/MODEM!!!! I will never ever buy an AT&T product or svc. I now have SPRINT and am very happy, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING, bill never changes, and before I was grandfathered in, and when they merged with Cingular that was when the company went down the proverbial SH!THOLE!!!! Before when I was a wireless customer svc was very good, after the merger they sucked and just kept getting WORSE!!!! Dropped Calls, so many times, didn’t matter where I was, before clear signal 4 or more bars always, after merger, 2 to 3 bars audio feedback, felt like I was talking in the Grand Canyon, echo and feedback become untolerable and unbearable.
    I hope the company files Bankruptcy and the CEO jumps out his office!!!! Good Riddance.

  33. Followup to my last reply, I tried to upload pictures and videos but they take sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolong I might as well be on a 14.4 baud modem. I think it would be faster!!!!!! Advertised upload and download speeds are total BS!!!! Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, get suckered into AT&T DSL!!!! Unless you like that DSL =DULL, SLOW and LETHARGIC. A snail could go faster than this advertised BS!!!! NEVER, EVER, TRUST ANY AT&T SALES REP!!!! They are all liars and POS!!! Tech support is just as bad!!!! I just received another NETWORK ERROR, WTF??? ITS YOUR GODDAMN POS GATEWAY/MODEM. I’ve called you and troubleshooted how many FKING times do I need to reset the POS!!!! Send a NEW ONE YOU FKING PRICK OF A CEO!!!
    And why should I troubleshoot, I don’t get paid, thats why I pay you!!!! AT&T CUSTOMER SVC =YOU TROUBLESHOOT YOURSELF, since we don’t know the FCK what we are doing!!!!

  34. LOL damn You guys realize.. This thread is 5 years old right? I mean.. Have you considered calling AT&T with your gripes? And really, DSL?

    LOL I get 20 Mega bits per second for 45 bucks a month on cable.. SO if you don’t like DSL, well, get cable.. And if you can’t get cable.. lol.. maybe you should move..

    Oh well.. Les performs many useful public services.. and if hosting a blog where a thread stays open for five years so AT&T customers can come bitch on the AT&T bitch thread, well, more praise for him.. You guys should check out DSLreports.com SOmetimes if you post there, a special rep that they keep for just the purpose will address your issues.. I mean.. Maybe you just have a bad termination at your box? Or just need a Tap removed?

    Good luck all

    but I’m just saying.. This isn’t a tech support/consumer complaint blog you know.. What is posting here going to do?

    With love,



  35. As an addendum to what LegacyABQ said: If you have a Twitter account then you should definitely be using it to bitch about whatever company has pissed you off. Most of the major companies have representatives on Twitter for no other reason than to see those complaints and contact you directly about getting them resolved. This is something I’ve made use of more than once and something that wasn’t really possible five years ago when I wrote this rant.

    And here’s an interesting note: Five years ago I said I didn’t use AT&T for my ISP, but did use them for my cellular service. Today that situation is reversed. I use AT&T U-Verse for my TV/Internet and I’ve dropped them from my cell phone.

  36. g4m3r wrote:

    Anti-Liberal… They changed this ToS recently…say maybe in the middle of a contract that may have already been signed. Stop being a d1ckhe4d.

    good post, I hate douchbags. I know I didnt sign a singal thing STILL! And I got charged for a reconnect when my bill was half a day late! I will complain dispite the fools that defend evil,,,,until it happens to them. There are always the fools backing up the evils deeds and blaming the victims. Will be like that until Satan is no longer in control.

  37. AT&T is the most disorganized, inept, expensive corporation I have ever dealt with. If I have a stroke before they can figure out a way to send me by emai, postal, buggy, mule, etc. my bills so U know what the f I’m paying for, I won’t be surprised.! Long live Verizon !

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