BoingBoing’s Gadget blog on the continuing “Bioshock” DRM idiocy.

The folks behind Boing Boing have launched a new sub-blog on gadgets and technology that I’ve been following in my RSS reader and they have an entry on the continuing Bioshock DRM controversy. In it they detail an exchange between an angry (if someone moronic) customer and an official 2K tech support guy:

    Nemesisdesignz wrote: I installed Bioshock on my laptop under one admin user, Everything works fine, but I then tried to switch users on my computer and whenever I launch Bioshock it is asking me to enter my serial again for the game…. IS THIS GONNA CHARGE ME TWO OF MY 5 Activations???? IF SO THAT IS GAY…. I need to know this ASAP before I attempt to play this on my pc under the other user… THis is a bug if the case be….so get yo stuff fixed!

The “activations” he’s talking about are the limitations that 2k Games put on Bioshock that prevent you from only installing the game five times, which was later amended to allow unlimited installation instances, provided you uninstalled the game before you reinstalled it. (Hard drive crash? Suck it up!) Here’s the punchline, provided by an official tech support jockey from 2K Games, which was later deleted.

    2k Tech JT writes: The other way to view this, is one USER has purchased the game. Not the whole family. So why should your brother play for free?

It’s telling of the real motivation behind the DRM limits put in place by 2K Games which, honestly, comes as a surprise to no one. There’s no other reason to limit the number of installs of a single player game and it sure as hell isn’t stopping the pirates.

6 thoughts on “BoingBoing’s Gadget blog on the continuing “Bioshock” DRM idiocy.

  1. Wow, that’s even worse than the RIAA’s fantasy where we’d pay for music on our stereo, computer, and car.

    I wouldn’t have thought anyone would be so bold as to imply that multiple users on a single machine shouldn’t be allowed.

  2. That tech isn’t an official 2k representative – just a contracted support person. I’d take that with a grain of salt as it may not necessarily be 2k’s official position and just some guy, who’s contract is ending, taking a couple final potshots.

  3. He’s at least as official as I am for the Big Three automotive company I’m double contracted to. If I were to say something equally as stupid you can bet your ass the people I said it to wouldn’t be saying to themselves, “Well, he doesn’t REALLY represent Big Automotive Company’s views. He’s just a contractor.”

  4. And what makes you think that a contractor can’t accurately state the views of the company he’s contracting with? Chances are the guy was too blunt for his own good, but he nailed it nevertheless.

  5. Arrrgh, let’s try this comment submission a second time…sometimes for some odd reason, when I hit submit (I use Firefox, it will send the information back to the SEB site, but nothing apparently happens. It just refreshes the page with my comment somehow being “lost”.

    Now, what I was trying to say:

    It hasn’t stopped the pirates. There are three working bypasses for Bioshock’s DRM schemes. One for each “version” of the game. There are two for the retail package, one for the Steam version. The one for Direct2Drive is on its way. There’s a team of German and Russian crackers that have been working tirelessly to defeat the DRM on Bioshock. They have actually posted quite a few steps on what they did in their forums (not everything mind you, because that would be like a magician handing out his secrets).

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