And he never has to go to Kmart again….

Though I’m sure his wife had a couple of words for him…

What a great list of ideas.

Found on Digg.

3 thoughts on “And he never has to go to Kmart again….

  1. Definitely fake, most obviously because security cameras usually aren’t fitted to pick up sound and also because its an infamous e-mail forward.  Here’s Snopes.

  2. The change from “Jon Walker” to “John F. Walker” for the store manager’s name certainly supports that.  I should have paid more attention before I posted.  I’m just so surprised that I can’t trust that everything I find on Digg isn’t legitimate. wink

    Still, fake or no, the list is great and sure to get you banned from Kmart,though I can see how disturbing the peace charges might somehow become involved.

    Les, I hear you have a little extra time at work these days…  You might head down to the local Kmart on a break and do a little empirical testing.  Perhaps a freelance journalist investigation?

  3. That Kmart logo is out of date – according to wikipedia, Kmart USA stopped using it in 1990 (it’s still used in Australia, though). Plus, I’m certain that each of those items were on a list of “cool things to do at Wal*Mart” that I got as a funny email from a friend ages ago. They all sound rather familiar – especially the condom one. I’m willing to bet that snopes has already proven this is a fake.

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