Waking up looking like a horror movie victim.

Ah, there’s nothing quite as alarming as waking up to find dried blood on your face and pillow from the oral surgery wounds bleeding during the night. It certainly sobers one up pretty damn quick until you remember you had said oral surgery. My jaw is still somewhat swollen in that general area and it’s feeling a tad ornery this morning, but otherwise I’m fine. My pillow looks like an extra from CSI: Crime Scene Investigators, but I’m alright.

Well, other than being weekday confused. I took Wednesday off for the surgery itself and then Anne suggested I should take yesterday off as well. So today is Friday and I’m dressed for work, but I was just off for two days so it feels like Monday and it’ll feel weird not to get up on Saturday to go to work as it’ll feel like Tuesday. Oh well. Time to take my pills and hit the door.

1 thought on “Waking up looking like a horror movie victim.

  1. I mentioned in an earlier thread about my teeth. I started with having troubles which sound much like what you are experiencing. Various jaw teeth being extracted.

    Thing is….After that happens, you have to learn to chew differently, and it causes the whole dynamics of your mouth to change, up to and including your gastrointestinal system, because chewing your food properly requires the specific actions of all your various teeth.

    Once you begin the process of removing your adult teeth, you may find that a full set of dentures is in the near future. They also make false permanent teeth, ( $$$$ ).  Yes 4 $ signs because each one could be in the four figure range.

    A plane ticket to El Paso Texas and a cab to Juarez Mexico with about $1500.00 will pretty much fix this problem if it becomes a really hard situation. Think of it as a permanent fix. Most of the Dentist are either from Brazil or Cuba. Sounds Scary… Not really, people do it all the time.

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