The secret is out…

… here’s where all the truly great SEB rants come from:

Click to embiggen!

10 thoughts on “The secret is out…

  1. Do you play WoW on a laptop?  That’s how my wife plays but I find it a bit cumbersome to be away from my desktop.

  2. He’s really a sweet cat, he just gets pissed at some of the email he receives.


  3. Curiously, viagra was originally intended as a heart treatment medicene, but was found to have other effects…
    Things that affect the heart are known to also affect the little guy, I don’t know why, increased bloodflow?

  4. RickU, I don’t play WoW on my laptop. My laptop is too old and decrepit to play much of anything on. I keep that on my desktop.

    MP, that’s a great pic!

    Bahamat, way to contribute to thread drift. wink

  5. An irresistible thing, like putting said tablet in boss’s coffee (crushed up), or swapping them with sleeping pills vampire

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