The quality of Jesus’ self-portraits has really gone downhill.

Another week, another sighting of Jesus in a random object:

Emily West was doing some meditating over the weekend in her sister’s backyard in central Lodi when something caught her eye.

“I looked up and saw the face of Christ in the fence and I said, “Whoa,” West said.

She called her sister Ana over to ask what she saw. She too agreed, it was the Son of God.

You see that little picture in the upper left corner here? That pathetic example of pareidolia is all it took to have these two True Believers™ phoning up the local Bishop to spread the good news. You can bet they probably have scores of people lining up to pray/beseech/cry/be healed by their amazing Jesus knot.

Artistically that’s just sad. It’s like he’s not even trying anymore.

8 thoughts on “The quality of Jesus’ self-portraits has really gone downhill.

  1. It’s Atari 2600 Jesus.  Just like his followers, he’s always at least a couple of decades behind the times.

  2. It’s not that he isn’t trying

    He’s just trying to piss his dad off

    “Hey dad, look at this, you cure cancer and it get’s put down to someone elses will power, I just do a 5 second doodle in a tree and i get in the news. Who’s the popular one now?”

  3. wouldn’t say that’s jesus of any kind.. who would that be, no idea. anyway, he’s mouth leans badly downwards and he might be underwater for he has a snorkel,, or maybe that strange object is some kind of an antenna? in any case, a very awful and unreal expression of some man who is captured in a fence.

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