“The Bourne Ultimatum” getting great reviews.

I’m a big fan of the first two Bourne films and I’ve been looking forward to the latest installment for some time now, but there’s always that concern that a sequel will end up being a huge pile of suckage when it finally hits the movie screen. Even when the first sequel ends up being as good, if not better than, the original as is the case with The Bourne Supremacy there’s still the potential it could all go horribly wrong with the next installment.

Fortunately it appears that The Borne Ultimatum has avoided that fate as it’s currently got a 90% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes.com (the Cream of the Crop reviews pegs it at 100% at the moment). While I find individual movie reviews to be unreliable in determining whether or not to see a film the group consensus that comes out of sites like Rotten Tomatoes tends to be a pretty good indicator of movie quality. I’ve yet to see a film that good trashed at Rotten Tomatoes that I ended up enjoying.

So I’ll have to make plans to go see Jason Bourne’s latest attempt to figure out just who the hell he is. No idea when I’ll get the chance, but I’ll have to make the time sometime soon.

5 thoughts on ““The Bourne Ultimatum” getting great reviews.

  1. These movies have turned out to be quite a turn-about, I’ve read the books, and seen the movies (excepting ultimatum), the movies are incredible, the books suck rocks.

  2. I’m ging to have to try watching them again, I guess. First time through I was left with a blah reaction. Mostly because I think Matt Damon is one of the blandest actrs alive.

    I recall liking the first of the Bourne books when I read it many years ago. Never read the others…


    As an aside, there are two little seen films made from Ludlum novels in the 80’s that are very entertaining, in the way that low budget thrillers used to be, before the age of the mega blockbuster. The Osterman Weekend (with Rutger Hauer) and The Holcroft Covenant (starring Michael Caine).

  3. I think the movies are great, the books, not so great as another poster mentioned. That being said, I can’t wait to see this, and I’ve heard they’ve already started pre-production on the fourth installment smile

    Also: The Holcroft Covenant was great smile

  4. I love the Bourne series. The protagonist is neither ridiculously overpowered and macho, nor a whiny, wussy, absolutely asinine character who tries to put himself off as a “badass”.

    He’s Bourne. He seeks realistic things, in a realistic world, and manages to accomplish them fantastically.



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