Team Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier.

Valve has released the second in their trailers introducing us to the various classes in the upcoming Team Fortress 2:

I’m so looking forward to this game.

4 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier.

  1. I’m not competitive enough (in other words, I hate losing to real people where I can’t just reload!) to play such games much, but these were so hilariously funny, that I may just have to.

    Seeing that as I understand it, it will be packaged with Half-Life 2:Episode 2 anyway…

  2. You can always just jump to another server and try your luck there.  Close enough to reloading I reckon.

    And argh!  Another teaser for the pyro that shows nothing of import.  Run speed!  I need to see the run speed compared to the other classes for my beloved torch monkey.

  3. I too, am looking forward to this game. At least I was…..9 years ago. I’m still not sure if I like what they’ve done to the artistic look of the game. What really irks me is that had TF2 been released all those years ago it may well have prevented counterstrike from becoming the scourge that it is.

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