SEB is beta testing the Tag 2.0 module.

Just upgraded the installation of the Tag module from 1.16 to 2.0 beta this evening. One of the big changes is that there is no longer a need for a custom field for tag input as there is now a Tag tab along the top of the entry editing screen which you can click on to input tags when submitting posts. One nice thing about it is that it will suggest tags from the already existing tags so you can avoid using similar, but slightly different tags.

As always this is beta software so if you see anything funky happening drop me a note..

2 thoughts on “SEB is beta testing the Tag 2.0 module.

  1. Yep, built right in. You just install it and then go to the module tab and click on Tag and it recognizes it’s a new version and gives you a link to update the database tables.

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