SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “The Borne Ultimatum.”

We caught a viewing of The Borne Ultimatum this past weekend and I’ve been kicking around how to write a review of it ever since. The short version goes like this:

    Having lost his girlfriend in the last movie and continuing to suffer from flashbacks about his past, Bourne sets out to finally discover just who the hell he used to be while the CIA decides he’s dangerous and tries to kill him. Lots of very awesome ass kicking ensues.

That’s all you really need to know other than if you liked the first two movies then you’ll probably like the latest one as well. I loved the first two movies and I loved this one though I do have one complaint I’d like to voice.


It was that annoying and I don’t recall the first two movies being that annoying though in retrospect that’s probably because my last viewings of either of them were on a TV where the shaky cam effect isn’t quite so jarring. Other than that, Matt Damon continues to be able to say a whole hell of a lot without opening his mouth with little more than a glare and pretty much everyone turns in a decent enough performance to allow you to switch off your mind for a couple of hours and enjoy the beat down taking place on screen. Well worth the price of admission.

5 thoughts on “SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “The Borne Ultimatum.”

  1. Ya… I saw it last night, and that was my very first comment when my friend and I talked during the closing credits.  It wasn’t just the shaking; it was also the quick, manic cuts during the fights and chases.  And it’s not just your imagination or how you saw it—I’m quite sure the other two movies didn’t have that.  I had to close my eyes sometimes, because I was feeling queasy.

    The result is that I’m not likely to see the next Greengrass film………

  2. THANK YOU!!

    I can understand the hand-held camerawork in the chase scenes, but in the exposition scenes it was TOO MUCH!  There was already damned little exposition of any value, and it was insanely distracting watching the camera bob when there was.

    We actually watched the first movie, which was on USA this weekend, and there’s almost NO hand-held camera in the whole movie, even in the action scenes.

  3. It was in the second movie, too. First movie I don’t remember well enough for it to matter.

    At the beginning of the second movie they were shaking the camera during breakfast.

    Never stepped up to the third movie – gonna do it eventually raspberry.

  4. First movie had little to no shaky cam.  Second movie had enough to annoy me and trigger my wife’s motion sickness.  I guess I’ll be renting the third movie some day when the wife’s not around then.  Thanks for the warning Les!

  5. We saw it last Friday (1st day of general release in UK), and then 1 and 2 were shown on TV Monday and Tuesday, obviously to tie in and get the people watching who couldn’t remember the first two very well.

    2 had the shakes, but only during the fight scenes/chases, which you could argue was to give the sense of immediacy.  In 3 it wavered all over the place- were they trying to do Gonzo tech thriller.  The Bit in the cafe, when half the screen was the back of some-ones head!

    The worse bit of any movie IS THE FUCKING CINEMA FOOD. All you can hear is rustling. For Christ sakes eat proper food at home, so I don’t have to listen to you eating junk.

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