Ruining a perfectly good four day weekend by going back to work.

It was nice to have four days off in a row without it being because I was unemployed, but now I have to go back to work because I didn’t win that 200+ million lottery last night. Of course I didn’t remember to buy a ticket either, but that’s OK as they decided to hold off on handing it out to anyone so I could buy a ticket and win it this Friday.

Other than that I spent most of my weekend doing the birthday thing. Then Monday I went back to visit the fine future dentists at the University of Michigan Dental School to deal with the missing filling on the lower left of my mouth. I still have one last wisdom tooth on that side to be dealt with so instead of putting in a permanent filling they put in a temp as it could end up being damaged when I have the wisdom removed, which they recommend doing soon. I’m going to get a couple of weeks of work in before making an appointment to do that seeing as I don’t get paid personal time off at all.

Yesterday was registration day for Courtney. She’s a high school senior this year so there were a couple of extra forms and fees to be taken care of during registration. She’s both excited and nervous about being a senior as the future becomes a lot more murky once you get that diploma, especially when you’re not entirely sure what you want to do for a living. It made for a good afternoon of father/daughter bonding.

Oh, and the in-laws had the bathtub ripped out on Monday and replaced with a new shower stall. The contractors repaired some water damage to the floor and walls which was part of the reason why the old tub needed to be yanked to begin with and then set up the new enclosure. The only problem is that we have to wait 72 hours before we can use the shower so the caulk and glue has a good chance to set. This means we won’t be able to take a shower until after 6PM tomorrow night. This isn’t a huge problem only because they also own a house across the street that one of my sisters-in-law will be moving into soon so we’ve been taking our showers over there. Still I’m sure it’s an odd sight for the neighbors.

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