Returning, once more, to the great Windows Vista experiment.

You may recall I’ve tried this experiment previously and you may be wondering what the hell is prompting me to bother going back now. It was a side job I did last week for a former coworker. I realized some of the folks I provide in-home support for on occasion are starting to run Windows Vista and it would behoove me to ensure that I’m at least somewhat more familiar than I am with Microsoft’s latest OS. In this case I’d been asked to come over and set up a wireless network for them and the laptop I needed to get to work with it was running Vista. It took some poking around, but I managed to get their system up and running without too much trouble only to find that Vista has made significant changes to file sharing that took a bit more investigating to figure out.

So when I got home I checked and saw that nVidia had updated their Vista drivers for the motherboard and video card I use not too long ago and I figured it was time to give it another go. The best way to learn how to solve Vista’s problems, after all, will be to experience them first hand. I just finished reinstalling World of Warcraft and I’m off to see how things work with the latest drivers. I’ll probably post more on my experiences as time passes. This time I’m going to try and stick with Vista from here on out.

1 thought on “Returning, once more, to the great Windows Vista experiment.

  1. The last 3 or 4 days has been a living hell for me..

    You may ask ? Why is that Paul ?

    My wifes 7 year old laptop is about to give it up. So I bought her a new one. ” Acer ” It Blue Screened within 12 hours, so I took it back. The next one was also bad after working on it for a couple of days. They said to bring it in…Exchanged for a Sony. It seems to be working fine. I have an Acer5100 series, which is a good model. But for shit sakes…Setting up 3 computers is a little much. I should be charging them. Both of our computers have Windows Vista, I personally am un-impressed. The best computer I ever had was my old Windows 98 Compaq. I had it for years and I think I will take the suggestion of giving it a good blowing that was mention in another thread.

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