Penn & Teller: The Bible is Bullshit

A good segment from P&T’s Bullshit:

Sent in by Frankenbeasley.

2 thoughts on “Penn & Teller: The Bible is Bullshit

  1. *YAWN* The usual whining about the easiest portions to pick apart.  Dr. Murphy is completely wrong about their being no evidence for Jews in Egypt.  While it’s not solid undeniable evidence, the existence of the Hyksos in Egyptian history is more than the delusion of evidence that Dr. Murphy would have you believe.

    Christian ethicists, philosophers and theologians have dealt with many of their objections to the Bible as moral guide.  You all get irritated and uptight when a fundie trolls in here on an idiotic evilution rant before you put him/her to shame.  What Penn and Teller and Dr. Murphy do here is looked upon as trolling for the aforementioned Christian scholars.  They put them to shame just as easily.

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