This guy gives Brad Barritt a run for his money

Judge rules Reeds Spring property owner had no right to shut off water

Wes Johnson
GALENA – Reeds Spring property owner Doug Lorenzen had no right to shut off water to two neighbors, a Stone County Judge ruled this morning.

Judge George Scott found there was no provision in Lorenzen’s water contract with Ron Mangum and Brian Mellott that allowed him to shut off the water even if they failed to pay their bill.

The only remedy for nonpayment stated in the contract was for Lorenzen to foreclose on Mangum’s and Mellott’s properties. Although surprised by the judge’s ruling,

Lorenzen said he now intends to begin foreclosure proceedings to take back the property he sold them.

Lorenzen shut off their water Aug. 6 during an extreme heat advisory. He took that step after property owners refused to pay the well repair bill.

Today’s ruling ends the civil lawsuit Mangum and Mellott filed against Lorenzen over a $943 water well repair well.

Judge Scott tossed out that bill saying it wasn’t from the person who did the work and that Mangum and Mellott had no obligation to pay it.

It was from a handyman that lived in a rental house owned by Lorenzen.

Scott also ordered Lorenzen to pay attorney fees incurred by Mangum and Mellott, which are expected to exceed $600.

First of all, who shuts off someone’s water during heat wave?  Secondly, how much dumber can you get?  Lose in court and foreclose again?

(And if you’re wondering who Brad Barritt is… click here.  He now manages Store 86 in Springfield MO and is just as big of an SEB as this joker)

2 thoughts on “This guy gives Brad Barritt a run for his money

  1. you would have to be on drugs to not pay the water bill and have it shut off.  the city offers no help when you refuse there bill so how sad is he that the bill can’t be paid.  More so why does a heat wave make any difference the water at the store is cheap.  Tuff stuff but the city makes you pay too.  The people on the well should have payed
    Doug took the pain here and this site has trouble pointed at him. This is so much BS that i have read.  the point that the bill wasn’t from the repairer means it should have been split by all the water users on that well

  2. If anyone can help. I’m looking for a guy who ripped me off , him and his partner,they used to live in Texas . I don’t know if this is them, but the guys name is Brian Mellott. If anyone has any info. on these two please advise. One claims to be able to read tarot cards and they are gay. The younger one’s name is Brian. Thanks.

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