My nephew tries blogging, again.

At times it seems I’ve infected inspired my whole family to start a blog. There’s my mother, my dad, my sister, my daughter, my sister-in-law, and a couple of friends of the family. My wife, niece, and nephew all had blogs for awhile before they decided to shut them down and now my nephew has decided to give it another go.

This time around he’s calling his blog Game Gears as he’s a gamer much like his Uncle Les, but the blog looks like it’ll have more than just game talk on it as he’s three posts in so far and hasn’t mentioned a game yet. I’m mentioning this here on the off-chance that there’s folks here that A) would be interested in seeing a blogger try to figure out how to be a blogger and B) perhaps give him a little encouragement. I can’t say that any of you will be fans and check it regularly, but I figure if he gets a comment or two at the beginning perhaps it’ll get him to stick with it and develop his style. I’ll be working with him as well to try and help him figure this whole thing out, but I thought I’d toss his blog out here and see if he can’t net some advantage from having an established blogging Uncle nudge a little traffic his way. After all the most discouraging thing at the beginning of being a blogger is the thought that no one’s bothering to read it. He’s a bit of a goofball, but I think he has something worth sharing and I can recall being a complete goofball at his age as well. Of course back then I had to run a BBS rather than a blog and my potential audience was a lot smaller as a result.

*Pause for nostalgic reflection on the long gone days of my youth*

Oh, and I should mention that all of the above blogs are powered by a single installation of ExpressionEngine along with SEB and its sub-blog SEB Reviews. Not too shabby.

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