Must. Have. This. T-shirt!

Browsing over at Think I came across the following new t-shirt:

There’s something sentimental about Doctor Who. You’ve got this avuncular character, albeit more fun than any real uncle, who gathers up curious young folks and takes them along with him as he dimension hops through the universe. Most of us started watching it as a kid or a teen. We could relate to the companions and dreamed of getting away from our daily tedium. The Doctor became our access to this other world where we could escape; we loved his mannerisms and eccentricities.

And then he regenerated. You remember the first time you saw it happen. You felt—betrayed. That wasn’t YOUR Doctor anymore. It was somebody else with a new look and new idiosyncrasies. That’s not right; bring back my Doctor, dammit. You kept telling yourself, “He’ll be back. This is all some sort of mistake, right? We’ll all wake up from this dream-sequence in the next episode… or maybe the one after that… right….?”

A lot of Doctor Who fans are sentimental over THEIR Doctor—the Doctor they grew up watching. An informal poll here reveals that Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Christopher Eccleston carry the day in our office, which makes a lot of sense considering the average age of our office monkeys and the timespan in which our PBS stations aired the newest Doctor Who episodes. For 60% of us, our first doctor is our favorite. The other 40% are heathens.

Oh it’s SO TRUE. For me that Doctor would be Tom Baker and while I have much fondness for later Doctors including Sylvester McCoy, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant, I don’t think any of them can ever fully replace Tom. I still wear the 13 foot long replica of his 18 foot long scarf my mother made me, twice no less, and there’s still a part of me that wants to be Tom Baker when I grow up. That voice! That grin! Those bug eyes! OK, I could live without the bug eyes, but that voice is something to behold.

Ah, this does bring back fond memories of days gone by watching a month’s worth of Doctor Who in a two hour show through a snowy picture on Channel 62 and then, later, the local PBS station on Channel 56.

13 thoughts on “Must. Have. This. T-shirt!

  1. For me Peter Davidson was a young vet in All Creatures Great and Small. Though Peter was a good Doctor, THE Doctor is Tom Baker!

  2. Sorry Tom Baker fans, but the only real Doctors are:
    Rowan Atkinson
    Richard E. Grant
    Jim Broadbent
    Hugh Grant
    Joanna Lumley


  3. I remember one episode that I love to see again, but have no idea which it is.

    I think it was black and white, but that could have been the TV. The cliffhanger has who I assume is the Doctor’s assistant sitting somewhere. She feels something on her shoulder and turns to see a huge maggot crawling up her back.

    Cut to Thames TV spinning-globe logo.

  4. That would have been The Green Death, I believe. 3rd Doctor – Jon Pertwee episode with Jo Grant as the Doc’s companion.

    And it was filmed in color….

    Oh, and the first Doctor I ever saw was Peter Cushing in the movies. NOT my Doctor.

  5. Shazam! Right you are KPG! even has the DVD. Now… will this weekend be a “Dr. Who” or a “Marshall, Will and Holly” marathon?

    CanadaPost will decide.

  6. Yep, John Pertwee was the one for me and the Green Death left me with a lifelong fear of maggots (ameliorated from phobia to loathing nowadays). On the other hand, the regenration was never a problem to me and Tom Baker I hold just as dearly in my heart as the Pert one. I wasn’t so happy with Peter Davidson simply because I was already so accustomed to him as the younger Farnon in the James Herriot series, whereas the Doctor provided my first exposure to both Pertwee and Baker. Still, my overwhelming visual memories of both of them involve their faces being obscured by the back of whichever sofa I was hiding behind at the time.

  7. I wasn’t particularly bothered by Peter Davidson already being established in All Creatures Great and Small.  But then again, I didn’t watch All Creatures Great and Small wink

  8. I had seen Peter Davison in his small part in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy long before I’d ever seen a 5th Doctor serial, but I don’t that his role as “Dish of the Day” really had any influence on my feeling for his version of the Doctor.

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