Microsoft releases two pre-SP1 Vista performance updates.

Talk about good timing. I just reinstalled Vista and Microsoft was kind enough to release to major updates that are believed to be part of the rumored SP1 update for Vista. The first is a performance and reliability update and the other is a compatability and reliability update. Currently these are only available as stand-alone updates, but they’re expected to hit Windows Update within a week or so.

I’ve not been using Vista long enough to know if any of the issues addressed by these patches have been affecting me, but I applied them anyway so I won’t have to find out. If you’re running Vista and have been having any issues with memory leaks or some games not running then you may want to try applying these updates.

1 thought on “Microsoft releases two pre-SP1 Vista performance updates.

  1. I have been having issues with my Vista system at work.  Which is weird cause the system is pretty powerful.  Plus it has 2gigs of ram.  I will try the updates and comment back later if I notice anything.

    Also I had my first hardware compatibility issue with my fiance’s parents computer that has Vista.  That really pissed me off.  Weird thing is Lexmark has “Vista Drivers”, they just don’t work.

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