Jesus does piss-poor self-portrait on kitchen cabinet.

What do you see when you look at the following picture?

If you’re Malynda and Eric Smith you think you see the image of Jesus:

Malynda says “my daughter came and said mom look it’s God.. and I looked.. and there it was a picture of Jesus Christ. Then my son noticed it and my husband came in and noticed it. I just can’t believe we hadn’t noticed it before.”

Personally what I see looks more like the Captain from The Beatles cartoon Yellow Submarine than Jesus. But that’s just me.

23 thoughts on “Jesus does piss-poor self-portrait on kitchen cabinet.

  1. To me this looks like the work of deceased Mad Magazine artist George Woodbridge.  His drawings of 1970’s hippies look very similar to this, only far more detailed and life-like.  I guess that graphic arts isn’t one of Jesus’ talents. 

    Oh, God’s will revealed!  That commandment about no graven images was just to keep us from noticing what a shitty artist Jesus is!  If we had all been obeying it this whole time, all these crappy images of Jesus and Mary, etc. would look much more impressive!

  2. Um…I see Chewbacca.  Seriously.  Well actually I see a freakin’ cabinet door, but when i adjust my eyes *just so* and squint a bit I see a happy wookie.

  3. When I take off my glasses, I see that tall hairy fella from Star Wars. 
    or maybe Cousin It from the Addams Family tv show

  4. Wow, I have eight cabinet doors in my kitchen that all show identical images of absolutely nothing. I think it may be a sign….

  5. Look, these are the same sorts of people who play “Stairway to Heaven” backward and hear “My sweet satan.”  They’re cute and harmless, and fun to laugh at.  Pay them otherwise no mind.

  6. I think it may be a sign….

    Yes it is a sign… A sign that Jesus doesn’t love you as much as he loves the Smith family. Repent and you too can have vague-kinda-sorta-not really face shaped patterns in your kitchen.

  7. I take it the name Eric Smith is just a coincidence? Wonder if he will ask you to remove this post.

  8. After you pointed out a face I kind of saw Rigel

    This can only mean the second coming of Farscape!

  9. Damn, three people beat me to the wookie thing.

    Darth Vader Condom

    There’s a car crash of a question- you don’t want to know really, but you just can’t help asking…

  10. I suspect star wars is loosely based on the bible, with Darth vader an analogue to god (and luke to JC)

    You have to use your imagination a little for that one

  11. What about how Peter Jackson nicked the plot for Lord of Rings- simple country boy told he holds a great power by a old bloke who dies etc etc

  12. No, No, No! It’s DEFINITELY a picture of Jesus and this should once and for all shut up all you disbelieving bastards that make fun of me.

    Bow down to the door least ye be smitten….. God is not mocked!!!!! raspberry

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